elk hunter killed in Oregon

Ironic - I was just reading an article about a woman who lost her husband in 1993, raising two kids as a single mom, because her husband was shot in Oregon while bent over his elk, field dressing it. The article went on to state that Hunter Orange is not visible to deer since they are color blind.
This type of thing should never happen.
What happened to shot placement?
Even when making a neck or head shot ,you would need to make sure of your shot.
If the moron at least did that he (you would think) would be able to tell something wasnt right.
We always place our orange vest near the downed animal when field dressing and alway's cover the pack and or head in flagging tape,I have even placed my vest over it.

:( :( :mad:
That sucks. Man I am getting ready to go rifle hunting for the first time, I think I should just stick to archery. The weather is better and you dont have to worry about some moron with a rifle and a shoot first look later attitude.
Did anyone ever hear the outcome of the case involving the guy that was shot in the cooks tent a few weeks back? I never heard the conclusion if there was one.
A sad day for sure. There is no excuse for this type of accident. Every year I fear this same type of accident or killing. Once my elk is secured onmy horse, it has my orange sweatshirt tied to it, a huge red scarf and flagging tape. My horse also wears a lot of flagging tape. There are way too many morons out there to not take this type of thing seriously.
You know some guys need to take hunter safety over a few times before its beat into there thick heads to not shoot until there is no doubt of the target.
I am almost embarressed to tell this story but I have a freind who is pissed at me because i refused to hunt with him anymore after what he did this spring. We were in texas Pig hunting and he shot a black steer that was bedded behind a bush. Killed it with a head shot.
I asked him what he shot when i met up later, and he said dont ask. I got it out of him and actually smacked him upside the head, because i was in full camo that morning crawling up on bedded pigs. I told him he was the same assholes that shoot guys hunting because they seen a bush move and he got pissed. He hasnt called me more than once after i told him i would not hunt with him anymore with a rifle. His loss.
He never told the rancher either. He told me his wife was going to take hunters safety to hunt out west with him. I told him he should take it again with her to get a refresher because he didnt listen to well. He got mad. Tough Shit....
There is absolutly no excuse for hitting some thing other than what you are hunting....No excuse at all...And way to stick to your guns Schmalts....That is the way it should be and I think there are a lot of sloppy people that would start taking notice if a lot more of their so called friends would do the same thing.... :eek: :eek: :eek:
Good deal, Schmalts! I think I would have turned him in to the rancher, though, or at least threatened to if he didn't own up to it himself. That steer was the rancher's property, and at least the rancher could have butchered it if he was told about it. It's the same thing as stealing for your buddy not to have told the rancher. I wouldn't hunt with him again, either!
And more than likely, that took a thousand dollars out of the ranchers pocket...So if nothing else the guy should have sent an anonymous check and sorry letter in the mail!!! This kind of action just makes me ill :mad:
tell me about it. I never cuffed a freind upside the head like he was a bad kid before. He is no longer a hunting partner for me. He took hunter safety but must have slept through it. Friends i dont need.... actually he's still a freind but i wont hunt with him. one of the reasons i hunted myself this year, my other huntin partner drew a tag in montana so i was solo, and tried that outfitter experiment, what a mistake that was.

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