ELK DOWN......


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Roumor has it (VIA CELL PHONE) that a Wyoming 5x just dropped a couple of mins ago.....I'm not giving out who it is.... BUt he posts Twice as much as me here
:D :D
Since he is out hunting right now and has over 9000 posts Im going with Elkhunter. BTW You guys suck at keeping a secret. :D
OHHH yah, It's like at Christmas. I tell my wife, I'm nottelling you what you got but..... ;) HEHE

YAH, ELKHUNTER scored this morning !!!!! He'll be back tonight with pictures and stories.
Yeaaaah!! :D :D Way to go hombre, out hunting the wolves is a good accomplishment...it was just a matter of time...can't wait for pic's & a story...
The WOO WOO Machine of Elk hunting has been found.. Congratulations Bill.

Sounds like we have Elk for Thanksgiving this year.................

Thanks everyone
Getting that bugger out was harder than I thought it was going to be. Of course I did ask Moosie to come play pack mule, but he said I was too far away. :( The first mile was all uphill :eek: to hit the trail then about another 5 to camp. Poor horse wanted to take a nap I think. Well pics and full story click here. ;)
In my defense....... YO Ualready had PACK mules. I leave on a DIME for local friends that don't have any "REAL" horses.... I've only helped out packing 2 elk out thus far, I'm a little behind the 6 I did last year.. Hopefully time wil change that ;)

And if ya didn't have horses Elky, I would have made the trip for you
YAH.. last year a horse here local got wind of it, AND it ended up not packing anymore.... WE had to use it for BEAR bait ;)

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