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Sep 5, 2002
Wondering if anyone here uses e-callers for varmints. Anyone have any reccomendations on what kind to buy? I have looked at a couple and they seem about the same as far as features and price go. My buddy bought one a few years back and it was so quiet I didnt like calling with it I had more success with hand calls, but I cant remember what kind it was. I wasnt really planning on buying one but I came home yesterday to an unexpected $2000 check wahoo!! I guess I used a payoff date that was a few months old and overpaid my mortgage when I sold my house last month! So I am gonna add another hunting toy to the collection, or two or three maybe some fishin gear, I gotta find a way to spend it all before I become logical and decide to pay off bills. :D
I have the old classic, a Johny Stewart 512 with tapes. The newer digital ones invented by Burnham Brothers, they have a web page too I think, are neat because you can switch sounds by pushing a button instead of having to change tapes. The electronic callers are great by me! A remote control lets you get the speaker out away from you without having to lay wire each time too. I guess if you're worried about loudness then you can get the bigger speaker, they have different sizes for differenct loudness.

Here's their electronic call.

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Thanks for the info Tom. I have been looking a little online will check for their webite.
I also have the Johnny Stewart cassette caller. I like it, but if I was in the market for a new caller, I'd think about the new Johnny Stewart CD caller.
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