Eight days and counting.

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Dec 19, 2000
Until Moosie shows up in MT and is ethered by a couple of strange dudes who will take him deep into the forest and dress him up in a leather GIMP suit to take bizarre photos of him with pets while he is unconscious.
GREENY.... I sent ALL the coordinates you gave me to DS. Roumor has it they will be safe with him..... He's never been known to give anything out.... I figure that way If I don't show up at home on MONDAY, Someone can find me.. He promised not to sell them or usethem in the future for hunting...:D :D

I'll bring the CAMCORDER and ASS tracking device. I have 3 pans all scrubbed up and got the 3 buckets of Vasileen and 2 plungers and Velcro.. I'm not sure what that has to do with hunting.. BUT I'm willing to try anything once.. Or twice, Or three times MAX !!! ;) HAHA !!
Moosie, I'd watch it, I hear strange things can happen when the ether bunny pays you a visit. Say Greenhorn, do you have a cute little bunny suit next to the can of ether?

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You going to Butte Bud? You gotta stop by Anaconda too. See the largest freestanding masonry structure in the U.S. (or something to that effect)
Big ole smokestack. Also the Fairmont hotpools are not to be missed. 4 large swimming pools, 2 inside, 2 out, all heated. Karen's Travel House at your service. :D BTW isn't one of the regulars around here from Anaconda?

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That's no smokestack. I remember that day well. I was taking a nap on my back outside of Anaconda. Suddenly I was awoken by the flashing cameras.. Thankfully. Things could have got ugly in a hurry. It was only a dream.
I made a trade with Pug......he said if I gave him Greenys longs and lats he would fiorgive me.........for whatever it is I was supposed to have done :rolleyes: ..anyway...something about 18 wheels and a dozen roses and a couple of dead muthaphuckers and then the phone line went dead :confused:

God.....Moosie and velcro and vaseline and.....this is turning into a horror show quick! :eek:
ASS TRACKING device? Sounds like something that would..... Nevermind... I don't think we need to go there...

Have fun in Butt and be careful if you go scouting in the Bushcompany Forest.

Damn Dan....if that is why they call you Anaconda......I'm glad you never got excited in camp with me and Indy last year..hell we would have needed a bigger tent!

....I'm not sure I want to go way back in the wilderness with you this year...I mean what if you get an erection, what's the protocol for difusing such a situation??? :eek:
And 8 days turns into 1 day..... I'm guessing that I'll be off the board at BOOBY bars all ()eekend... Roumor has it Gamefarms opened back up in Montanna so I don't ant to do much hikeing..... It's ()ay overrated for hunting anyays.. I'm bringing the 4-heeler and Guessing that ALL I need is a map sho()ing all the 4-()heel roads.....

Truth is Greenhorn sent me all his "SECRET" spots and LOOKS like I could have found them by purchasing a YELLO()STONE map.... Go into the park 38 miles, Turn at the ranger feed station.... take the dirt road back in 5 miles... Go to the feed lot, and BANG !!!!!

Simple eh ?

Good luck on the elk hunt. Looking forward
to the stories, or should we say lies. :D
You and Greenie hunting together, thats
funny. I'll be sure to put on the hip waders
when you post your story. :D

Have a good trip, and kill something BIG! :eek:
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