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Dec 10, 2000
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The early words from DS is that that they got pounded with snow and driven off the mountain. Headed back after a night in a warm motel and got into elk. DS pounded a nice 6x6 and a cow as of Sunday. Anaconda still had all his tags intact at that point.

Will report the latest when I receive it!
That was the 2nd time OL' DS tried to call me Sat and give me a report but talked to the wife instead... ALL I got from here is a bull and a cow were down. Guess thats what I get for being out.. eh ;) I'm guesing had he called with "BABY" info, she'd of known the weight, the lenght, size, name, ...ECT ECT.... OHH well :rolleyes:

THANX for the "MORE EXACT" update bud !!!!
Two more elk down.... got a message from Anaconda last night. Seems he got into a group of cows and dumped one post haste. Shortly thereafter a bull presented itself and he dumped it too! Four tags, four elk.

They came off the mountain last night, ate a hot meal, tooks showers (separately, I THINK) and are now after some mulies!
Sounds like a great trip to me. Congrats to them.. now they just need to get the mulies.. shouldn't be hard in there part of the world.
Two elk apiece...WOW! Great job, but we're still eating last year's elk and I've rarely bought any beef. How long does an elk last the rest of you?

Congrats again, Mark and Dan!
I wonder if I took DS to a strip joint and got him drunk if he would give me some elk steaks :D

Cuz I sure won't have any of my own to eat :mad:
Holy Chit!....what a hunt! ...one of the toughest 10 day hunts I have ever been on!

16 below for most of the hunt and 3 feet of snow and coming down continually...BRUTAL!

We adjusted every single day for 4 even though we were in elk........and it paid off,....I followed a migration route some 12 miles round trip on the 3rd day and we were asshole deep in elk on the fourth in a canyon fondly called "the Hell for sure Canyon"...and it was.

I was glassing more than a hundred elk at dawn.......in the bottom reaches of the canyon of course. The horses were no good here.....foot travel only. Dan was glassing from the top while I pushed low.......it worked out and he was lucky he was not trampled by the stampede of elk climbing the canyon walls. He had to pick a draw and settled on one, and put a WWF Smack Down on a group that were in the wrong place at the wrong time! If I had not already filled my tag, I could have shot one of the toads in the herd of 40+ I saw.....trophy bulls for sure.......but it will have to wait until next year as I pre-mature ejaculated on a dink opening morning ;) ..well, maybe not a dink :cool: .......

The Muley hunting was sub par at best as we awere in elk country and the muleys were much lower..........but Dan did hammer a big buck and I took a small forky for the meat...as if we needed more :rolleyes: .......four elk already packing out from 6-8 miles in.....yeah, it was work, but we have all off season to rest! :D
Anaconda here, on DS's computer.
What a wild hunt, Mark (DS) hunted my butt into the ground, but it was worth it !
We filled five out of six tags, my big mulie buck got away. I whaked him good, but he made it under a fence and the rancher refused use premission to go on to his land to get it.
Time for a shower now, I'm covered with blood, sweet & dirt.
Many, many wild tails to come, we didn't let up for a min. :eek:
Here is the bull I took.......he was by far not the biggest I saw.....but I am very pleased with him.


....note how hard it is snowing......my hat is covered!

......and is that a Hunttalk patch I see on the vest?....

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