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Doe day


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Jul 7, 2001
MT rifle opener was today and since I didn't have a buck tag, I took a gal from work out. Her husband is chasin' elk in western MT, so it was a good excuse for me to get out to the field.

I had seen a pretty good 24-25" buck several times in the area, so I was hoping he would show himself today. This is a pretty popular block management area, so I found a vantage point to sit and let others move the deer for us. Sure enough, two bucks came through right at first shooting light, but they were one ridge too far over (~500 yards). Oh well, they were not too big anyway.

About 30 minutes later I pushed a draw for her, but nothing came out. I did located some does and one decent buck while glassing, but the buck was on some posted land. During my walk, I did find a 4-point whitey skull.

After the push, we headed back to the pick-up. When we were only about 300 yards from the vehicle, the gal said there is a deer. Sure enough, a young doe bounced into the open. She got down and said she may shoot it. I whispered back, that she would be using her any deer tag and buck season would be over. Apparently a big buck was not that important since she put the hammer down before I could even turn the video camera on.

she smack the doe hard, but it still went over the ridge. It took us a couple of minutes to get over there, but sure enough there was a dead doe.

We snapped a few pictures and had it skinned and hung in my garage by 9:30.

On the drive out, I saw the buck I was after. Fortunately he was on the posted land, so I will be able to sleep tonight. Not the hunt I was hoping for, but I guess not everyone is into the horns as much as I am.
With all the doe I'd seen on my recent Wyo trip I can say that taking a doe isnt such a bad idea if your looking for meat.Some of the doe that I saw had to go 200 lbs.I guess a buck wasn't that important to her.WTG Mt,I can see she was very happy!
WTG mtmiller,
It is nice to read another story about someone helping another person get the game.
Good picture also!
Cool whitey skull, any measurements?

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