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Dec 23, 2000
I feel that "critter" is in fact very lucky.
Most wild animals that die from some cause other than a human hunter die a slow miserable death. One shot from a high power rifle is quick, and almost painless.
Besides he gets to end up on my dinner table, and thats much better than freezing to death in a long rockie Mt. winter then being picked apart by buzzards.
As far as what hes doing right now, I can only envy him, playing in the fields of the lord, while I get ready to go to work.

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When you look at your elk, deer, lope, or whatever permit you have... just where that piece of paper will end up? What day is the special day you'll cut a notch in the tag? What will the unlucky recipient of the tag look like? And just what is that poor cursed critter doing right at this moment?
Anaconda summed it pretty good id say!!! the antisipation of any up comming hunt has my imagination pretty active!! i try not to jinx myself in to believeing that every hunt will produce a trophy or even a filled tag, so im happy when i get any opportunity for a shot or a stalk on an animal.I think we all have sprung up out of bed once or twice after shooting that huge bull or buck just to realize it was all just a dream! man, i tell ya im an awesome hunter when im sleeping!:Dhehehehe hell i never miss and there are always trophy class animals!!!:D:D:D then i wake up!!!
I like to think of the things that caused to two hunter and hunted to meet at that moment!! It's pretty cool I think, especially if you think of all the things that could have changed that meeting.
Destiny my friends, I believe we are all subject to a higher power!! On some hunts I had everything going for me, but nothing panned out. Some other days I was just strolling in the woods and brought back a fine meal.

The outfitting and equipment corporations would have us believe otherwise, but the thousands of dollars we invest in preparation and equipment only increase your chances slightly. Spend any form of prolonged time in the woods and you start believeing in something beyond our grasp. The way I see it, Mother Nature works in mysterious ways!!

Hah, Cornholio.....Your critter is probably day dreaming about your piece of paper being used for TP for your 'bunghole' because of your forgetfulness.....heh,heh,heh.
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