Day 5 - Looking good


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well it was a late night in the ole Dodge Motel and so it was a late morning getting up as well. The menu item of the day would be french toast with cane syup. It was a cold morning going in and getting off to walk a spell not only felt good on the legs and ass, but got the ole blood flowing again also. We headed to the same place as the day before but came in from another direction as we were hearing elk sounding out in the early light. Martin went up on a ridge and overlooked a nice pond and had good vision for where he was watching the day before. I once again headed to the place I was to overlook the slope down to the other drainage. As luck would have it, neither of us saw a thing.

We chatted with the Indianna boys on our way past their camp for a few minutes and they told us of the Vegas boys getting two elk the night before. We headed down and over to the meadow and sure enough we ran into the Vegas boys who were dealing with two elk, a small bull and a cow. We chatted with them breifly and were on our way. Once we got to where we saw the elk on opening day, we went into the timber to see what we could find. Well a little while latter while I was back at the horses, a cow elk came out and looked at me from about 20 feet away. I think I scared the living chit out of her too. A few minutes later, Martin called to me from below on the trail. I grabbed the ponies and met him on the trail. He then asked me about getting to a certain field from the top side and we were once again on our way.

I don't think the kids were real impressed with this decission being that they carried us up the mountain, then down the mountain and now were on the second round in the same day. Well after a long ride around and nearly to the top we found where Martin was wanting to go. It was chock full of elk sign but elk we did not find.
It is a place that should be visited again for sure.
It was a piece of timber I had not been in for at least 10 years. Well we called it a day and once again headed to find a cold beer only to find some grouse to blast on the way back for a most delicious dinner. BTW, Martin cooks up one hell of a meal when it comes to fresh grouse with a side of butter beans, chased down with a cold beer. Our camping spot was all ours now as all the neighbors had left. After dinner it was time to sit at the table and BS and play a dice game I had in the closet, drink a few more beers and call it a night.
sounds like an out and out blast.
Keep the cool stories coming for I am done hunting big game this year
Not by choice

Might get to go next spring if the draw gods smile on me.?
OHHHh it was the Indianna boys.. I thought it was Indian boys

thanx for the Stories Elkhuner.
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