Day 2


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well the day started out great and only got better. We headed out and picked up my horse trailer and then went and picked up Martin's horse. We forgot to ask what his name was so for the next 9 days he will be called Dog. Next we went and picked up my horse and headed for the hills. We arrived and quickly set up camp, fixed the coral and set up the electric fencing qwhile we waited for the other guy. Well, as luck would have it, the other guy could not make it due to horse problems. So we did what only there was left to do, we headed up for a great ride and prescout trip.

After about an hour of riding we came across some guys on their ATVs
and chated with them for awhile. Then we came through a field and found two tens set up.
Upon hitting the ridge and having a breath taking view we called FLIPPER to say hello and wished he was there with us. We rode a little further and then headed down to the bottom of the canyon where we did see two elk, a cow and a small bull. Next we headedd back to camp and passed the Indiana boys. It was them that had the tents set up on top. We chatted with them for awhile and they told us where they would be in the morning.

Well we made it back to camp, watered the horses and had a beer supper because the steaks had not yet thawed. We met our camping neighbors, the same ones on the ATVs and drank beer with them and shared the fire with them for hours before hitting the sack and dreaming of killing an elk on opening morning.
Did you guys need to haul any water, or did you just load up on beer?
And what is the official Wyoming elk hunting beer?

Good story so far.

Always hate to see people in the same area I am hunting, but usually interesting folks when you get talking to them.
this story is gonna be tough. you guys know i cant be on here everyday to follow this.guess ill have to catch up when i get home again. its a great story so far and a great build up i hope it has a great ending
LOL mtmiller. Yeah, we took lots of water, 19 gallons for drinking and cooking, 20 gallons for dishes and washing, 4 cases of bottled water for drinking and a few 18 packs of Bud and Miller Lite, six 18 packs each.

The Indiana boys are a great bunch and the neighbors were a bunch of funny beer drinkers.

I have been camping there for several years. This is my 6th year at that camp spot and I was really shocked at how many rigs and campers were in there this year.

Well, seeing the elk on the way out really pumped us up as you can imagine and staying up till midnight around a campfire had us pretty well pumped also.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> 18 packs of Bud and Miller Lite, six 18 packs each. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Now I wish I had horses
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