Custom Loads for .358 Norma Magnum

I can do that.. It just so happens...

I'll be back from New York on Friday the 13th. I'll answer your email and send you an address to send the brass to.

Indy, I though you got yourself a .375 H&H.
You know that Norma is going to bounce off an elk like a BB off a stone wall.
Take the .375 with some Partitions or X-bullets. Better yet, get a .416 !
You're right, Danaconda... I did get a 375H&H but that's for investment purposes! I had a guy in Georgia rebarrel a Ruger M777 MkII to .358 Norma this summer. Actually, I should get it back this week!

If your .338 Winny with 210gr. Partition did the trick, this .358/225gr. combo should work just fine! Heck, truth be told, my .280 Rem w/ 150gr. Partitions would probably get the job done too!

You own way to many big bores, J.
I gess I'll need to get me a few more so I won't feel undergunned.
I won't argue with that, Dan. I probably own too many guns period! Wait, was that me? Hell, no... I don't own enough guns! Hell, I don't even have a .270, a 30.06 or a 7mm Rem. Guess I need some more rifles!
Gettin my .358 from the gunsmith in time to take her to the bench this weekend! Can't wait!!! Will a 250gr. Woodleigh do the trick on elk? LOL

According to th eguy who rebarreled it, it kicks back pretty solidly... :eek:
Got 40 pieces from old Western Scrounger.. Is that yours?? If not, then no I didn't..

My custom from the get-go 358 Norma is in the bluing process as we speak. I'm sure looking forward to pounding a Moosie next fall. I have some reload recipes at home that a good friend developed. I'll bring in and share.
Mr Nosler decided I had waited long enough. Just got the bullets today. I'll have them loaded this weekend and on their way to you on Monday or Tuesday..
Tell John I said thanks! Sorry I missed your call... I'll be on the look out for the ammo and the bill! Will have a chance to field test them next weekend. Will that give you enough time to load a box of whatever works and send them my way? I'll pay whatever it takes to get them here overnight!

Thanks again Dan...
Sorry, you can't ship ammo by Air.. they just won't do it.. I will send them express ground and you should have them in two or three days..

The sooner you get me some results on the rounds I sent you, the sooner I can build you more....

Let me know...

Thanks Dan... I'll keep everything that I'll need to take to the range handy so as soon as I get the ammo,. I can run out and test them.

I'm anticipating that my shoulder will be hamburger by the time I'm finished testing!
I would guess that's pretty accurate. This is not what I would classify as a comfortable round to shoot. It may surprise you with the amount of recoil you're about to experience. Considerable different that the 375 H&H or the 338 Win.


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