Crow Calling


concerned hunter

Just wondering if anyone calls or hunts crows for fun. We have thousands of these things and they seem to fly over the house in the mornings and evenings. I shot a few but would like to get a few decoys and hunt them like ducks. I have noticed these birds have very keen eyesight. They can easily be dropped with light 7/8oz. 6's.


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Dec 23, 2000
Well as for my self, I love to hunt crow every chance I get, they are very smart birds and can be very fun to hunt. What I like to do is take the crows that I have shot and prop them up as if feeding and give the feeding call, this will do wonders for ya I promise! I camo up head to toe and pick a good location that I know they fly to every morning and go to calling! We do have a season on them as do most I'm sure, ares runs as follows, OCT.10-NOV.16 and DEC.9-MARCH.-4 of the next year! The one thing people allways ask me is how do you know what sounds to make, so what better time to post then here and now for those that do not know the talk of the crows!
(Feeding call)
Alternate eight short and long caws in a seris such as this! caw-cawwww....caw-cawwww
Pause one to two seconds and continue in the series!
(Come here call)
This call is the most used in all the calls, it consists of three long calls evenly spaced and goes like this!
(Come back call)
This is one made up of four caws, two short two long and works great to bring them back to you and goes like this!
(Fighting call)
This call should be made in a very excited manner, it consist of five caws, two long, two short, and one long! This call has brought in crows fast and hard when used!
It goes like this!
(Sentry call)
Avoid this call, but know what it means!
It consist of four caws-one long, two shorts, and one long! It goes like this!
The calls that I have posted have been proven to work in all states. I hope it helps those out there that could use the help in calling!