Crossbow Regulation for Hunting


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Apr 8, 2019
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Someone asked me about use of crossbow for hunting in Wyoming. Right now it is legal for hunting except on F. E. Warren AFB HMA. I do not know any special restrictions that might apply to other HMAs or Walk-In areas.

For 2019, I could of sworn that a bill was submitted again to prohibit use of crossbows for hunting that was not correct. The bill I was looking at for 2019 dealt with use of "technologies" used while hunting, such as live video and use of drones.

However, in 2018, Wyoming began a study of use of technologies to include crossbows in hunting. So far the G&F Commisison's view of that is overwelming public input supports allowing crossbows for hunting. Therefore, crossbows never made it into the 2019 bill which was signed into law apparently.

Prior to 2018, a number of bills were submitted by various legislatures, though none made it out of committee that I know of. I hope they never do because people like me that had two shoulder surgeries need those to hunt with.