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Cool Looking Bass Redeye bass with blue


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Mar 11, 2020
Went out bass fishing today and had a slow
Day for the lake we were fishing for this time of year but we caught a cool looking bass and this was only the 2nd one like this we’ve caught with this much blue
Coloring. After a little google searching looks Like it’s a red eye bass and some can have blueish turquoise Coloring around fins and belly, and blue shape around upper corner of eye. We’ve caught these red eye bass before but never realized some had this coloring. Anyway just thought I’d post up if anyone has seen many of these before. We are in California but after reading sounds like they are native to Georgia and Alabama. The one we caught earlier this year actually had darker colorings almost brown on the body and a deeper looking turquoise on belly and eye. Really wish we Would have taken a picture of that one.


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