Chukar stomping

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
The season has been great so far. I've been out 3 times, two of them limits. Bonnie my GSP has been rock solid.

Today with the big storm is a fresh DEEP layer of snow on my local bird hill. I had the day off so I couldn't resist although it was snowing and white-out conditions.

I got to the hill and hunted, and hunted and hunted. Knee deep snow and not even a chukar track. Bonnie would get birdy, creep and lock up repeatedly. I'd do my thing and come in from the side and no birds...... I didn't get what was going on. After a few hours and covering a lot of ground I declared the chukar population extinct and headed back down. On the way back down the dog did it again....locked up tight.

I kicked the bush...nothing. I stepped on the bush...nothing. I jump around on the bush yelling explicitives....and out comes a chukar! I promptly miss 2 easy shots before it dissapears into the blizzard.....

The birds were buried under the snow! It had snowed so much in the last 24 hours that they had holed up and hadn't surfaced yet. Clued in to the new technique. I watched the dog close....then I go to bush stomping..I even stepped directly on one. I felt it squirt out the side and felt wings beating on my leg as it came out!

Wish I'd of caught on earlier. I ended up with 2 birds and had to get back home.

I'll be back on the hill tomorrow.
Tyson- now thas something we need pictures of LOL- gotta see you and the dog doing the chukar polka!
We saw a chit load of birds deer hunting up in Modoc County last weekend, wish I had brought my shotgun but....they were wide open and rock hopin' about 25-30 yards ahead of us going up the rim. Quail everywhere as well in the creekbeds.

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