Casual Bobcat After Getting a Boar

Double Naught Spy

New member
Dec 14, 2014
North Central Texas

Earlier this week, I took a hog at a feeder on the other side of a ravine from my stand. I went over and checked the hog, got pictures, and then headed back to the stand. As I entered the ravine, my head lamp caught the reflection of eyes looking at me from the other side. I used my spotting scope to identify that it was a bobcat, standing broadside to me. I got my rifle up and was too shaky, so I had to get my sticks off my back and set up. While I am doing this, the cat just sits down. My head lamp is still on while this is happening and I see his eyes disappear a couple of times and I think he is gone, but he is just looking around. He could obviously see the light. He could hear me making noise. The wind was not in my favor either, but the cat hadn't a care. I got set up, the scope focused, and the shot was fairly easy. The cat was a younger tom, skinny, but fairly long.

4x magnification is a lot of magnification for a 50 yard shot.