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Cabelas Big Game Hunter 4


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Dec 11, 2000
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Cabelas Big Game Hunter 4

I received my copy of Cabelas Big Game Hunter 4 a while back and after playing through it I am ready to give it my review. As an overview Cabelas Big Game Hunter 4 is the latest offering in the long line of hunting games bearing the Cabelas logo. It retails for $19.95, unless you steal it.

First I loaded it up on the computer, it installed with no problems and took about five minutes from start to finish. This was quite amazing as most of the games I buy at the adult book store take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes to load. After familiarizing myself with the controls I jumped into a hunt.

For my hunt I picked a Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in the great .264 magnum cartridge. I decided to take on Alaskan Brown Bear. After talking to my guide we headed off into the woods in pursuit of this noble creature. Well it wasn’t long before something lumbered towards us. It appeared to be a bear, or at least that is what my guide said it was. To me it looked like a brown blob of computer pixels, actually it really reminded me of turkey shit. Well that’s what it looked like. So any way this turkey chit/brownblob/bear started towards me so I lined up and took my aim. After feeling confidant that my shot would be true I let her go. BOOM!!!!!!!!

Well this was a really bad idea to review this stupid game. Sum ***** ya just won’t believe what I just did. After reading the box a little more in depth they say it is a hunting SIMULATION!!!! Not a real hunting experience!!!

Well my final review of this game is to not buy it unless you read the instructions from start to end, there is some very important info you just got to read. The most important part being, “This game not to be used with real firearms”

Well it looks like I’m off to the computer store to buy a new monitor, and hopefully I can get this done before my girlfriend get home. Does any one on this board no how to patch a hole in the wall????????????

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