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Jan 17, 2019
I am coming up this September for my frist moose hunt. I have a 300wn mag and it loves 180gr Acoubounds. Sub moa. I have people telling me I need to go way heavier. What's yalls thoughts
I killed both of my bulls with 140 grain bullets out of a 7mm. Shot placement and being proficient is much more important. Neither of them moved more than 20 yards.
Shot mine with a 200g Accubond out of a 30/06 improved.

Your set up is a perfect combo to take a moose.
Moose are babies hit them and they stand there so you can shoot again or they go 20 yards and lay down
I suspect you could kill a moose with a 130gr bullet from a 300 Savage! Depends on how well you place the shot. I don't care for any magnums anymore but I do believe the best bullet's in a 300 mag would be 200gr bullets. 300 mag is able to push the bullet fasted and think it might work well with that bullet. Probably work well with the 180gr bullet also but just seems to me that's under powering the 300 mag!
Killed mine this last year with 300 win mag 180 grain. Your 300 win mag will do the job just fine. Only need for bigger caliber is a good excuse to buy another rifle.
I killed a bull with my .270 WSM and 140 grain TSXs. He took zero steps. The next year my dad killed one with the same caliber and load. His also took zero steps. My sample size is only two moose, but they seemed easier to kill than a whitetail.
I have killed all mine with a bow. In 2016 I took my father moose hunting, his first big game hunt ever. He killed his bull with a 165gr accubond from a 308win that I bought for him. Since then he killed two more bulls with the same rifle and bullet set up.
I think you’re fine.
I killed a wee little one with a 175 lrx from a 300 short mag.
At 20-30 yards I was a little over kill.
The moose meat was great eating.
Watched my dad shoot one with an 06/180s in 1959, seen a bunch killed since with similarly balanced cartridges. I happen to think the 300 H&H with a 180 Partition is about perfect, hell such a combination might even launch the most successful boutique bullet business in history.
Use your 300 to put a 180 in front of the diaphragm and you'll be in the moose packing business.
Im not a fan of Ron Spomer, but pull up his 1hr interview of Phil Shoemaker a noted Allaskan guide for 45 years. Bring your .223, LOLOLOL
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