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Dec 20, 2000
What are the benefits of a three blades broadhead (Thunderhead type) over that of the four bladed type (like the one Muzzy makes). It seems to me the fourbladed would have more blade length and therefore more cutting surface. Just wondering???
I dont know for sure,but I would say your right about more cutting surface.I would say the down side would be a loss of penetration with 4 blade.You would definatly lose some kinetic energy.

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three vs four blades, four blades would have more drag and like engmna99 said less penetration and kenetic energy, technically!

iv shot both and didnt notice much difference in wounds or bloodtrails or penetration! 3 blades mathematically and technically are better but, alot of animals have been successfully taken with four blades.The original Bear two blade broadheads with bleeders were tech. 4 blades!

i currently shoot 3 blade 100gr muzzy's!. with the interlocking blades ive never had a muzzy blow apart and break the blades! maybe luck ?? maybe a good broadhead ?!?!?

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Now that someone has brought up the 'old' style broadheads. Does anyone have any experience with the Magnus or Zwickey heads?? I like the idea of being able to resharpen them at will and I don't see how they could tear up. But, how good are they when bone is hit??
I shoot Muzzy 3 blade 100's. I have some of their 4 blade 100's, but have not been able to get the same true flight out of them as the 3 blade model. I've been super impressed with the durability of the Muzzy Broadheads.

I posted a thread on Alpine bows and have no responses. Anybody have any experience with them?

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Last year while preparing for a Cape buffalo hunt I experimented with three different kinds of broadheads. The Magnus, Zwickey and a 2 blade Muzzy.

The test was to see the differences in penetration:

I set up a 7/8" piece of form ply then had 18" of void and then another 1/2 inch of plywood.

Distance 20 and 30 yards

Bow, High Country 4 runner @ 72# and producing 82 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy.

All the blades were fixed on a 600 gr. arrow and when shot into the set up penetrated approx 20"-25" the cut to the nose out penetrated just a little, but not enough to overcome their only problem.

After impact the Magnus and Zwickey's nose would curl slightly, but the trocar tip of the Muzzy was flawless. Taking this into concideration, I was thinking that if the arrows hit bone, I was affraid of arrow veering off track because of the curl.

I took the Muzzy one step further then and shot it into a cinder block. All that happened is that the trocar tip was shoved back on the ferrol just a small bit, but never bent to one side or another. I chose the Muzzy for it performance for the hunt.

Unfortunately I did not harvest a buffalo, but did have the chance to try the head out on a dead buffalo. I shot through the ribs the first arrow, and second I shot through the top of a leg bone. Both times the head's trocar tip showed no wear. Made me and all of my hunting party P.H's included believers.

I don't think there is a better broadhead made than Muzzy.

huntersvision, thanks for the info. on your research, i agree im a muzzy fan too!!! a lady bowhunter among us, thats great glad to have ya here!!!!

Genesis 27:3 Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison
Huntervision, I remember you on another forum and you talking about your tests. Too bad you didn't get your buff.
I remember you stateing that you sharpened your TroCar tips. How did you do that exactly?


It's pretty simple I just put them on the ferrole and then sharpen them on a wet stone. It doesn't take much to bring an edge to them. Do not add too much pressure, for you can get the points off ballanced.

They sharpen up so good, that you can actually cut your fingers putting the trocar tip back on the broadheads. So use the enclose wrench to put them back on with

Good luck!

BTW, you guys have the coolest graphics on your threads! Nice touch.

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