Breeder recommendation for Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

What health clearances should the dam and sire have before breeding? With labs typically hips,elbows, eyes,CNM, and EIC (exrercised induced collapse).
There’s a set of criteria established for dogs to receive a CHIC number, by breed, by the AKC and each breed organization. For Griffs, it is eyes, thyroid, hips, and OFA elbows. Some breeders do a heart screening as well. It’s a little deceiving, though, since a dog can get a CHIC number only by taking the tests, not necessarily passing them. You can search through all the CHIC certified dogs online to get an idea of any breeding programs track record (or lack of transparency in health testing).
Oh man this is an old thread! I now have two Griff’s!

My dogs hunt like mad. They’ve got just as much bird drive as any other versatile breed, including GSP’s. This year I’ve shot pointed grouse, woodcock, and wild pheasants over them, and they’ve retrieved geese.

They’re going to be slower than GSP’s, with the possibility of running closer. That being said, one of mine runs at about 150 yards on open ground and 75 yards in the woods.

I believe their popularity and “Instagramability” is killing the breed. If you get one, look for a a breeder that has either got an AKC Senior hunt title on both dogs, or a UT prize on both dogs AND hunts wild birds. A lot of people are training for the tests and then breeding the dogs because of the paycheck.

My older Griff scored a 200 Prize II in the UT test be my younger is two passes away from a Master’s AKC hunt test title and will run the UT this fall.

My next dog is a field trial setter, but that’s a whole different story
Do you remember the breeder?
I am looking into the WPG vs DD. I am new to the site and unsure how to send PMS. I would love to pick your brain PAPA on breeders to get in touch with as you said you have two of these pups now. If anyone else has other thoughts on WPG vs DD I would love to hear the insight as well. I grew up with a GWP and have a pointing lab myself that is getting on 7 years old. She is an incredible waterfowl dog and has an unreal nose, but is too big for prolonged upland hunting. There is no perfect breed but I live in Kansas and hunt farm ponds for ducks and geese and hunt quail fairly regularly as well as a trip or 2 a year after pheasants or grouse.

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