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Bow for younger hunter


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Apr 28, 2004
So Utah
I'm looking for a new bow for my son who will be hunting big game for the first time this year. He has shot quite a bit with an older bow, but wants a new one to hunt with. Any suggestions on a good quality bow with a shorter draw length, and a 45-55 lb draw weight? I'd like to find on that he can grow with for a few years..
When you say shorter draw lenght what range are we talking?
Im quite draw lenght challanged myself LOL and I know how hard it is to find a hunting bow.
I have a 22 inch draw lenght.
I just bought a Mathews Mustang .
It come's in lenghts from 19 to 26 inches and draw weights from 20 to 50 lb.
Mine is a 22 inch draw and is set at 50lb draw weight.
It shoots real good.
The last Bow I had was a High Country lite force but the shortest we could get it was 23 inches.
I still shot that for about 3 year's,and liked it.

Getting a Bow that really fit's this time is great.

Browning has one called the micro midas & micro midas 2 .
I know of one young girl that killed a black bear with her's and another woman that has taken game with her's.
I see a number of them at the 3-D shoot's.
We bought our granddaughter a micro midas and for about $30.00 we can upgrade it as she grows so she will be able to hunt with it.
We paid around $180.00 .

In the lastest Bowhunter magzine I have they did a section on the newest bow out right now.
It a good list of whats out there.
How much do you want to spend and whats the draw lenght.
Like I said I have a real short draw lenght so my option's are not real good.
Hey Muledeer4me, I'm not talking a lot shorter on draw length, but probably around 26".. He has been shooting another bow that was probably about 29-30 draw, and shot it fairly well, but there is no way he could use a sight with that much pull back behind his face. I want to get him into something that fits him correctly now that he is going to be hunting, and that can grow with him for a few years, until he quits growing. The cost is not an issue, as long as it is one that will last him a few years. A bow needs a minimum draw weight of 45 lbs to hunt with in Utah, if I remember correctly.
Thanks for the info and I'll check and see if they may work for him.
You should have quite a few good option's ,at least his draw lenght is in a more normal range and he is still growing.
Have you had a GOOD PRO shop check his draw lenght?
It make's such a big diffenence having one really fit instead of making do or making it fit.
I had do to that for alot of years untill the industry relized there was a good market in women & kid's hunting and outdoor gear.

Do you live near many archery shops?
The best thing is to take him in and let him feel as many bow's as he can that are in his range.
All do not feel the same,and there are alot of good bows out there.

A good pro shop will be willing to help set them up and let him shoot .
If you can find this month's bowhunter magzine it would be worth it to buy it. The gear review is a good one.
Keep us posted on whet you get him and how your hunting season goes.
There is nothing better then hunting with your kid's.
Our son is going on 29 year's old and started hunting when he was 12. He has been lucky enough to take an animal every year sence he started.
Three with a bow,we all started out rifle hunting.
I can't hardly wait untill my grandkids first hunt.
They both shoot 3-D's with us ( Girl almost 9 ,a Boy almost 4.)and show a BIG intrest in hunting :D :D
Life is good.

Try this link,the newest magazine isn't on line right now ,but I think it should be up soon.
pse makes some good bows that come in a package with the sights rest and quiver ready to go very affordable. i think it would be good to get him something like that and let him use it until he decides what HE wants. most of the bows have adjustable draw length and weight so what is most important like a rifle is that he feels comfortable with the bow he shoots. most GOOD pro shops will let you try out bows before you buy them. you can spend all the money in the world on a bow that doesnt fit him and he wont like it, or you can buy a cheaper bow that fits properly and he will shoot better. when i bought my bow i had a budget to work with i shot several bows, maybe 20, and the one i bought just felt the best and i shot it the best. it wasnt the most expensive bow i shot but it wasnt the cheapest either. the guy tried to get me to buy the next level up from what i did but when i shot it i wasnt as comfortable with the BETTER bow
Thanks guys for all the info. I have been taking him down and letting him "try on" a few of the many styles of bows around. I am partial to Hoyt bows, but we found a PSE that looks like it will be a better fit, although we did come across a great deal on a Hoyt bow from last years stock, but was a little heavy on draw weight. They are getting in the same bow with a lighter draw and then we'll go and shoot a few of them. The PSE we were looking at did include the sights, and quiver, and was also a very good buy. I will let him decide after he gets to shoot all the bows, and then go from there. I have had a friend who has an archery shop and tunes all my equipment do a little work with my son to figure out draw length and show him the proper form so when he gets ready to shoot, he will have some idea of the proper way. His form is a little unorthodox due the him shooting a bow that didn't fit him, but he seems to have enough natural ability that I think it will be an easy transaction for him. My oldest son who is now 22, has really enjoyed archery hunting and has now purchased his fourth bow. He harvested a nice 27" 4X4 Mulie last archery season, which is his best buck to date. We are now in the process of trying to arrow a big gobbler. I think that getting kids into hunting is a great thing to do, and then getting them into archery is even greater. It takes more skill, patience, and even luck to harvest an animal with archery tackle, and gives a greater sense of accomplishment.
Again I appreciate all you help and thoughts, and will keep you posted as we go along.
Good hunting to all!
i am 15 and just started hunting with a bow about 2 seasons ago. my first hunting bow was a PSE Nova. off the shelf it had about 29 inch draw and 60 pound weight. but the guy that worked on it tuned it down to about 55 pound draw weight and kept the draw length 29. it shoots pretty good. i need to get the draw length adjusted again but still a good bow. and it came with quiver, sights, and rest.
i got a reflex excusion and love it its got a short axel to axel length and is 40-50 draw weight picked the bow only up for 250 new. could add a few basics for about another 150 good deal and vary reliable, built by hoyt, totally awesome bow
My wife shoots a parker challenger. It is Ideal for youths and female archers. The draw lenth and draw weight are both extremely flexible for a young hunter.
Its length from axle to axle is very short. It apears to be something fisher price created. But dont let its size fool you. Light, smooth and quite. Anything that is set at 42 pounds and shoots in the 190's for fps is worth looking at.
Good luck!

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