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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK, I got Idaho figured out. GETTING the deer and elk, Nothing big but working on it...

GOT the scoop on Montanna. Roumor has it all you need is to hunt Yellowstone after hours... Hopeing to get a lope tag, MAybe slay a goat sometime ?

GOt the scoop and poop on AZ... BUt who ever gets a friggin tag there anyways, I'm guessing they don't even give out tags there

UTAH, yep, SAME as AZ.. sucks BUTTOX to draw a tag I hear.

DEERKING got me into a bit of COLORADO info and next year (IF he didn't forget and i get time) will hunt Deer with a Smoke pole or something....

Oregon, WILL put in for some local close by tags for Deer/antelope only 1 hour from my place.

HERE"S what I need....

LOOKING to start putting in for GOAT and sheep in other states. ANYONE willing to help a brother out let me know... I want to start Maximizing the states for those tags..

NEXT year I'll put in for IDAHO sheep, MONTANA GOAT/SHEEP/MOOSE, Nevada SHEEP, WYOMING SHEEP (IF SOMEONE HELPS ME OUT) and would like to dump $$ into 2-3 more states Draw systems if possible for anything (THATS WHAT I NEED

ALSO looking for some hunts that I can get a tag within the next 10 years for some deer/elk too... I'd like to hunt a few other states... MAybe BUZZ can enlighten me were his wife hunts in WY ;)

NOW, HOW info hungry do I sound now
Moosie, I really dont know much about Wyoming, truthfully. I've only hunted here one season.

I think Wyoming has a lot of good hunting, you just have to find it.

The one thing I know for sure, is its really easy to get a fistfull of tags for big-game as a resident!
How much money are we talking?? Moose/sheep/ and goats in Montana?? Whew , good luck.If you send me $1000.00 a year, I will start petitioning the FWP for you to get those 3 tags. It may take 10 years , but it would be worth it. I will spend all those dollars on lobbying only!@ ;)
WELL.. It's not like I'm "SPENDING" the money.. Just loaning it to the different states then they give it back when I don't draw... EACH year I add a little money to the fund and pick up a different species. Get the money back and put it in a mutual fund for a year and do it again......

JUST me thinking right now....

THANX for the help :D :D I'll pass on the $1000 a year. It takes all year for me to make $1000, S oI'll pass , BUT thanx ... really :D

Sounds like you already have the dope on elk, deer, antelope in CO. Here's info on others.

Bighorn Sheep - Takes three points to get into the draw. One unsuccessful application gets you two draws. On average hunters apply for 8 years to get a tag. Five years later you can start applying again. I know a guy who has two.

Mountain Goats - same as bighorns.

Moose - same as sheep and goats but you only get one in a lifetime.

Except in my case.

I drew a goat tag with TWO points. This was the third year I applied. Maybe a freak occurence. But I did not draw a antelope tag for Craig with 7 points. I think colorado needs a new computer

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