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Bear with personality pics.....


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Nov 24, 2003
Well here are the pics I got from my cam yesterday and it used the whole roll of film and it keeps track of movement after film is done at 1 movement every 5 minutes. I had 58 movements when I looked. Got the film developed and this bear used up the whole roll. These are just 5 pics off the cam. He did some funny stuff to. Probably knew that the camera was there and wanted his picture taken. He looked like he was posing for the camera. I also have several in the daylight hours of him. I found crap all over the bait site also. Dumped 2 55 gallon drums of meat scraps up there also. So hopefully will get some sow and cub pics pretty soon. I hope so at least. This is a new bear hitting the bait. He has a awesome hide also. But here are his pics.




Couldn't be Moosie, he is usually wearing a hat of some sort...

That is a great pic of the bear, it sure looks black and that is a cool white spot on it's chest.... Thanks for the pics.... :D
Had lots to do this last weekend so didnt make it up there. My son turns 12 Wed so I am thinking and my wife agreed that he gets a bear tag for this weekend to go up and try to shoot a bear. Hopefully he gets a shot at one.
You are an awsome dad to try and give your son such a great gift, good luck to him and hope to see his pic soon with a bear in hand... :D :D :D
Got his tag and now he is pretty amped up to go tomorrow. Told him it might rain and I might have to stay home from work and he asked if we could head up there to see if we can get one early. Told him we might.LOL So much for him getting sleep tonight. I told him we might not see any as me and Mom sat it at least 11 times and nothing. He told me he is thinking positive. Hope he has a chance at one.
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