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Dec 15, 2000
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I was talking to a friend of mine in CO yesterday and he told me a story I'd like to tell.

A man bought a 5 acre piece of land near Howard, CO. He decided he would just leave his trash lying around and a bear came down and started feeding on it. One night the bear broke into his trailer while he was inside and he shot the bear with a small caliber handgun and wounded the bear. He was found partially eaten about a mile from his trailer.

If you are going to shoot a bear make sure you keep shooting till it dies, and make sure it is dead.
How about if you live in bear country use your frickin head and keep your place cleaned up. I say the dumb $hit got about what he deserved.
I agree with buzz, stupidity can and will kill ya. I dont know how many times I've had brown, black bears in my camp. so far they just kinda act curious and walk away. I feel sorry for the guy but maybe people who arent used to bears and go into bear territory will learn something from this. Plus it helps to carry a big gun or atleasst have one handy.
This guy was a young fella named Colin McClelland. I remember the name since it had such a true Scottish ring to it. He was in his mid twenties and his trailer was actually one of those 18' long hard sided camping trailer. He had it parked on Waugh Mtn. (north of Howard and east of Salida. The way I remember it, officials determined that this black bear had come back twice and fed on the body. They determned he had been killed inside the trailer and hauled outside to be dined upon. He was found by a couple of his buddies about 30 yards from the trailer. Apparently the bear broke right through the trailer to get to him. Nobody really knows what happened before the bear broke in. Last I heard about the incident was that they had several traps set out trying to catch it to be destroyed, but never did. I've wondered many times about it because I took a large blackie that fall from an area outside Spruce Basin, which was only about 8 miles from this logger's trailer and couldn't help but to wonder whether I had the mains of a real "man eater" or not......Just a little more slant to the Geek's story.
the guy must have been an idiot. We had a local guy here 2 years ago that pulled a bright one too. He had a bear that was getting into his bird feeders in the spring. He called the Fand G dept and complained about it. They told him to remove his feeders and the problem would go away.
He said he had been feding the birds for years and wasnt gouing to stop now. The next night the bear came back to the feeders right on schedule. The idiot shot the bear and claimed it was done in protection of his property!!! He was never charged with any offense. I was bullsh**. It was a nice bear and right in the area I hunt. I thought he should have been at least been charged with shooting out of season and really baiting illegally too. the wardens told me it wasnt worth the hassle !!!!
George, thew same thing happened up here too. A man shot a black bear on the russian/kenai river because he thought his daughter was in danger. The other fisherman were so pissed he had to leave the river. F&G asked him if he had a hunting license, he said he did, so they wrote it up as hunting. I dont know how it is in other states but up here the state has to prove that you were not in danger. Thats impossible to do because everybody has different thoughts and ideas on when they are in danger.
Not exactly how I'd want to die!

Some buddies of mine go north into Canada fishing each year. A couple years back a young bear during the night climbed into a 17' fishing boat they had moored on the dock. Apparantly he wanted the worms and such and beat the absolute sh!t out of the boat in the process.
When the Greek told me the story his friend told him I was sickened to hear that a person had to die that way. First off he was wrong to leave garbage laying around. What was he thinking? Being in bear county.

It will teach each and everyone of us to make sure you have a big enough gun and empty that gun into the that bear, to make sure it is good and dead.
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