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B'cat.....Big D beared out yet?????



...het B'cat, has the Big D tagged him a bruin yet? I know he had a chance at the biggest bear you said you've seen in some time, but did that big ol' bear come back????

And you tell Big D, just put some sunglasses on, and the word is mum around here, I ain't saying nothing!:D
I think I will let Big D tell the story. All I can say is he would need more than sunglasses to cover up the 300 win mag ding on his nose!:D:D Maybe a welding shield!!:D:D The bear came back every night and cleaned us out till the day Big D left and it hasnt came back since. It may come back, may not now. One thing for sure, he educated the bear to coming in before dark!!:D:D The big chocolate bear I saw last fall was wounded by another bear hunter on a bait just one mile from the one we were at. They didnt get the bear. Hope that makes ya feel better D. bcat
Sorry you didnt get that bear Big D.But I am sure you had a great time.
Bcat does this mean the shecat gets another go at it :D :D
She needs that bear ---Is your season still open?
We just heard the season is open till the 15th of June if it doesnt fill the quota first. SO shecat may have a chance for a bear yet, but I doubt it will be that one. Big bears that are shot at seldom return to ANY bait in the daylight hours. So we are off to go bear hunting agian right now. I hope she gets one. bcat
Welding shield, Huh!:D.....musta been a big barrel scope, maybe 50mm?:D

.......all you gotta do is pattern that old bear, and you gac get him where he lives!....just funnin' ya, B'cat!:D:D

.....I know your philosophy on patterning bears, and I won't dispute what works for you.

...I'll have my chance in the fall, and patterning is my only chance without being able to bait them. I'm planning to go the early season, and maybe get lucky and get one before he heads in for his napp....:D

...and hey, you delivered the services, all a hunter can ask is a shot at a big @ss bear!:D....tough luck Big D....but like old Jake the Snake used to say, "it's not whether you tag or not, It's the total exoerience":D
...anybody heard from old Jake these days????
Good Luck Shecat!!!

Calif Hunter, Hehehe :D :D

Big D, we still got the deer hunt this fall and you never know you just may see a bear while deer hunting if its open then.
This October will be great fun. :cool: :D
Big D,
Well maybe in the fall you will get one.
I'll bet you had a good time though

Good luck Girlfriend

Go get that bear.....
Show these guys up I know you can do it

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