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Bachelor Party Mule Deer Hunt


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Apr 17, 2015
I quickly scanned through the pics and was disappointed to not see strippers. So sorry.
We did a couple of float bachelor parties back in the day. Prior to one, we tried to find an "escourt" that would meet us at a camp site outside Maupin OR. I can tell you that even EXTREMELY large amounts of money weren't going to get her out there, even when we tried calling Umatilla.


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Oct 2, 2020

My buddy Dylan and I went out again this past weekend for another last minute hunt. We hiked many miles in nasty wind without seeing a mature buck in the morning. In the afternoon we set out to try to get to one of my favorite spots. We topped the ridge and immediately started seeing deer. I looked down below us and saw a nice buck working his way up the ridge. We got down into position and I crawled up a little hill but couldn't see where he fed out. Dylan then said he was further left than where I was looking. He had covered ground since our position change and was only about 100 yards away in some young growth. I set up for a shot across my pack but had too much grass in the way. I lifted off my pack in the prone position as he stopped in an opening and started lip curling. I fired and thought the shot was good. He started running towards us and I fired another round into his chest. He piled up after about 30 yards and the second shot turned out to be unnecessary since we found out the first shot had punctured both lungs. I kind of went into autopilot mode I guess. I used the gutless method and Dylan and I packed him out 2 1/2 miles in the moonlight. Another amazing day and great way to end my season. My freezer is packed


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