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Arrow tag


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May 22, 2004
Southern Alberta
Down at the range practicing again and a guy I know says, "how about a little arrow tag?" Thats where you try and hit the other guys arrow that he just shot. Well he goes and shoots the first arrow at the 20yrd target and I step up and low and behold if I don't Robinhood the very first shot. He's laughing so hard I think he's going to wet himself until I found out he shot one of my arrows. Long story short he is buying me a couple of new arrows and I'll pay more attention next time.
We do that at our club. Its only funny until you don't have any nocks left! I have been on the losing end of that battle too many times!

Another favorite game is to use string to tie up 5 life savers(per shooter), first guy to hit all five of his lifesavers wins.