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"your odds of drawing aren't going to drop more than a few percent"

That's a drop from 3% to 0%...this year at least.. No hunting in Arizona. I didn't draw a thing.

...and yes I do own a heavy jacket. It's left over from when I lived in Maine.

Not much to lighten up about until we find out what is going on for sure here. Dropping a percent or two could mean going from two or three percent chance to one percent or lower............
Thats it Gorilla, move to San Francisco and start wearing pink underware ! Hunt littel tiny blacktails and try to draw an Az. tag as a non-resident. ( or even a draw Calif. elk tag ) Arizona will start looking pretty good !


Might as well start drinking the purpel koolaid right now !

Look out your window, you live in paradise !

Note: 3% minus 3% is 2.97%
Like I said not much to lighten up about unitl we find out the whole deal or a proposed plan on the 14th of August. Vanilla Gorilla (AZ402)........................
MMM 3 years ago when i was elk hunting it was -7, how much colder should it get before i put on a jacket? i just can`t lighten up since the only tag my whole family [2kids, wife,me] 2 brothers and their family, 1 sister and their family , out of all of those mentioned i got a unit 27 turkey tag WHOOPEE! :eek: :confused: :confused: :(
I know, I know, your panties are all in a bind with all this USO bullchit. But consider this, you still live in the best friggen state for giant bulls and bucks. Chances are, your odds aren't going to drop more than a few percent, and when you do draw a tag, you get to hunt where it's almost flat, compared to colorado, Idaho, and almost everywhere else you find big antlers. Your idea of cold weather makes the Montana boys laugh ! ( do you even own a heavy jacket ? )
Come on, get excited ! :D Say something positive, be happy ( don't worry, be happy )
It's almost time to go hunting, and you guys don't cheer up, you'r all going to be required to move to California for two years.
Lighten up? Before one states that our odds will only drop a few percent points you might want to get the facts. In the sought after units it will be closer to 50%, in other units it will be much more then just a few. Would that be enough reason to gripe? It doesn't matter how many big bulls are out there when it takes over 10 yrs to draw one elk tag. You have no idea what it has been like untill you have been here and know what we have been through. This states population has more then doubled over the last 10-15 yrs and it's not going to stop. The people that put in each year has more then tripled while the drought reduces available tags. If we can't draw tags we don't hunt, if we don't hunt, alot of our bow shops, gun stores, taxidermists will all suffer. I have been told by a freind that has owned a succesfull bow shop for 15yrs that this will probably end up putting him under if nothing is done. If residents don't draw, they don't need arrows, work on thier bows, etc. If we let this kind of stuff happen without a fight soon hunting opportunities will be directly related to what you can afford, and not just here all over the West. Other states have allready been targeted and I personally think it is a freakin shame that greed is consuming the one thing in life I enjoy the most.
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