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Anybody killed grizz ?

Not yet, HAvent really had a "want" to shoot one until last year. the bug bit me hard but just never had the time to go out for a good hunt. Maybe this year I'll whack a brown/griz.
I took my boss up on the north slope of the Brooks Range in Sep 02 and watched him take a nice (and old) sow grizzly. She taped out at an honest 7'4" which is big for a sow 250 mile north of the Arctic Circle. The biologist who checked her skull aged her at 25 to 27 years old. We floated the Atigun River and out of the bow-only corridor to the Sagavanirktok and then back to to road at Slope Mountain camp. Yes, I ran Atigun Gorge, and Yes, it was hairy. The Sag was worse.

Hey Joel, if you're interested. In the current reg proposal book put out by the Board of Game here are a couple about liberalizing the griz rules for the Delta area. One proposal asserts that there are too many bears in the vicinity of the Tanana/Delta confluence. There might be something to it.