Antelope in New Mexico?


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Dec 5, 2003
I am going antelope this year on a ranch in NE New Mexico.

I have never hunted that part of the country. What can I expect as far as the terrain, class of animals, what the weather will be like etc.

I think the hunt will be late August. I will be getting more details from the outfitter who is setting it up for me, but I want to know what you gues think.

It depends. Where are you hunting? How much is the outfitter charging you? If its around 2000 to 2500 epext average animals, with some maybe to 16 inches. If it is around 4500 expect B&C or P&Y class animals. This is the cost breakdown for the two types of hunts in this state.

Trophy= 4500

This does not mean to say that a 2000 hunt wont get you a nice buck and vice versa.

My father is getting 4500 on the ranch he will be working next year and they shoot some monster bucks on it.
Oops, sorry did not see you post NE NM. That part of the state has some good bucks but but not huge bucks. There will be some nice ones though and if the rancher is MANAGING his ranch you might do real well. Most of the really big lopes are taken on the San Augustine Plains and central NM by roswell and carizozo.
I agree. Most of my NM outfitters run between $2000 and $2500 with a landowners permit, cheaper if you draw your tag.
I found out I will be hunting near Springer NM.

Hunt is running around $2,500. Per the outfitter he says there are lots of antelope in the area and success rates are high.

My group isn't necessarily looking for trophy class animals, just nice representative animals. Should be a good time.

The area around Springer is less rugged than my NW side of the state. It is a lot more open grasslands and rolling hills. Some rocky outcroppings with cactus, yucca, and other desert plants are around along with some cottonwood and junipers. I hunted east of there over by Clayton several times on drawn tags. I contacted the ranch owners prior to my visits to let them know who I was and try to establish a bit of good will. Most of the people I've met over there are genuinely friendly and helpful. I have a standing invitation to go feral hog hunting over there any of the ranchers practically begged my friend and myself to "clean 'em out" for him. I believe feral hogs are considered "varmints" in this state.

Springer is a fair sized town but still kind of countryfied. The scenery to the west is beautiful as the Sangre de Cristo Mountains edge their way northward. The Canadian River begins in the mountains just north at Raton, and winds past Springer just east of town.

There are chances of torrential cloudbursts during late summer/early autumn. Just so you are aware when choosing a campsite. First time over there, I was camping in a tent which decided to give up it's water repellency during a downpour. Even the air mattresses were floating! Last few times over in that area, I towed a pop-up trailer, and though it did rain then as well, it was a lot more comfortable. Some areas of that part of the state have a few western diamondback rattlesnakes (or so I was warned by one of the ranchers) but we had no bad experiences with them.

The antelope I harvested the first time over there a few years back measured about 14-1/2 inches, but there are some around 17-18 inches that we saw along the side of the highway (they weren't on my assigned ranch to hunt...does that ever fail?)
According to friends, Wyoming has better trophies to choose from, but we still have some respectable ones.

Anything else that I might be able to help with, just give me a shout. If I don't know, I can probably find out.

My regards,
i talked to an outfitter called streater outdoors, they are in vaughn nm and they only shoot 10 lopes per season, last year 5 of them made b&c. if i am going to pay an outfitter i expect a trophy, maybe not record book but a wall hanger at least. they have a website under the same name, might be worth checking out.

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