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Jul 8, 2003
eagle lake ontario
hey guys: i typed my story a couple nights ago but lost it when i hit add reply so i'm going to try again.

we had absolutely terrible weather the entire two weeks. still hunted every day but had only about three days that were anywhere close to nice.
Mon. nov. 3 rain temp 5(all degrees in celcius) dogs ran well did four different hunts dogs had a chase every one but all went wrong way. kenny h. caught a glimpse of a deer but no chanse for a shot.
tues. morn. rain dogs ran large doe to ken h. but rifle wouldn't fire(didn't take safty off
) afternoon:drizzle tenp 8 dogs had a couple races but got inbetween us

wed temp-4 freezing rain overnight dogs had hard time only on race with no result. tim b. using deer call had 10 point buck come out and circle him. finally got a shot at 50 yrds 1 shot dressed at 185lbs.
thurs cold temp-11 light snow nicest day yet. dogs worked well again but they got inbetween us again. steve d. had a sneaking 6 point walk out at 60 yrds 1 shot dressed 137lbs.
friday temp went up and woke to rain. again dogs went straight north (wrong way) mike c. had 6 point buck come out 1 shot at head missed-buck went to steve d. 1 shot hit thru shoulder. troy b. intersepted buck 1 shot thru neck to finish off.dressed 151lbs friday afternoon did our river run hunt was over troy b. while coming off his watch jumped 5 point buck took two quick shots. missed. ben p. who was dogging and was already back at the truck having a smoke heard shots and reloaded. buck crossed trail 30 yrds infront of him. 2 shots both in the boiler room. dressed at 143lbs
sat hunted morning but no results. skinned deer in the afternoon.
sun cut deer at butchers

mon. nov. 10. raining hard woke up tied to my bunk (along with a couple others)and a couple extra eybrows made out of permenant maker compliments of joker bob
left camp about 9:30 did two vwery short hunts. dogs suprisingly had a few good heats. second hunt dogs brought a doe and fawn out to bob m. 2 shots fawn dressed out at 68 lbs.

tues cold temp-9 ice pellets and high winds. very quiet no races.
wendsay sam as tues but had a couplr goo heats with the dogs. 2 deer seen but no chance for a shot.

thurs. first hunt in the morning had a couple races ad 1 deer seen. 2nd hunt in the morning all hell broke loose. three dogs in the bush and all three took different deer. 6 differnt people saw deer but none had a chance to shoot except fo myself. i had a doe and fawn come out at about 80 yrds. took my first shot running but broadside. both deer dissapeared for a sec then topped the hill at 70 yrds. i yelled twice and the doe stopped. 1 shot. ran around knoll i was one to find fawn trying to get up. first shot had connected. missed first kill shot but got him the second. doe dressed at 129lbs. buck-fawn dressed at 72lbs.

friday nothing

last saturday: first hunt in the morning dogs brough a big doe by me first thing she stopped 40 yrds away and wathched dofs until they were about 50 yrds away. i then watched her jump on every small balsem tree she could. didn't fool the dogs though they chased her till they went out of hearing for me. second hunt nothing.
last hunt of the season: i volunteered to stay in camp and star cleaning up and get deer ready for skinning. they hunted what wew call the camp run. we actually have a watch about 100 yrds behind the camp. well i was puttering around when all of a sudden bang right behind the camp. 15 yr old jimmy b. shot his first deer!
best ending to a hunt that we coul ask for.

unfortunatly my camera got soaked afer falling int the back of troy's truck who's box was full of water but i'm getting prints from bob so i will scan them as soon as he gets them done. thanks for listening.
This is a great story SM...Thanks...
Bob must be a funny guy to be around, tying you guy's into bed and putting on the make up...Getting ready for sheep were you?!!!LOL!!!
well i wasn't getting ready for sheep but i certainly wouldn't trust bob around one
thanks for the reply it was a great hunt
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