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? Anchorage Overnight Lodging ?


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Jun 3, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
My son and I will be coming through Anchorage on August 21. Lay over in Anchorage on our way to Dillingham for a 6 week hunting/finshing adventure. I'm about to book a room for the night at the Royal Suite Lodge, which is the least expensive place that I can find with a free airport shuttle. Any body know anything about this place? Any suggestions for a better place.

We've always used the Lakeshore Motel on Spenard...I don't know what the price is at the Royal Suite, but the Lakeshore is reasonable and they have a free shuttle....

A short walk down the street is Gwennie's, which is a good place to eat...
Well, that's a no brainer....Last time I stayed in a regular room in Lakeshore (99) it was about $50 per person per night...In '02 we got a suite for 4 guys, which was very nice and was less per night per man than a room...

Who you flying with in Dillingham..??
One more thing. We are looking for a fourth hunter to join us hunting moose on the King Salmon River. We are prepared to go as a team of three with a raft and an inflatable canoe. But we would prefer to go as two teams of two with two rafts that leapfrog past each other down the river, staying in contact via radios. That would give us the opportunity for two guys to leave early if they got moose while the other two continued to hunt.

KC....I've heard lots about Rick and his operation...All good...

I hunted caribou with Tom Schlagel of Bay Air in '99 and had a great hunt...Tom is also a first rate air taxi operator...He's very honest and knows where the game is...

On our way to and from our caribou hunt north of Koliganek, we flew over the King Salmon river for quite a distance...Saw some downright BODACIOUS bull moose there...

I'm in the process of planning a moose trip in '06 and right now either Rick or Tom are prime candidates...I'll be anxiously awaiting your report on your trip...Six weeks.....Sounds like quite a pilgrimage...I'm DAMNED envious... Wish I had the resources this year to go with you...