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870 youth's deer......... almost


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Feb 27, 2002
one of the guys at our club has 200 acres that he only hunts 1 day per week.they practice QDM only shooting 8 point bucks and don shoot any does until november and only let kids shoot them. he feeds the deer year round and uses whatever the whitetail institute recomends for that time of year.

he had been promising me that in november he would take one of my boys and let him shoot a deer on his property. well friday evening was supposed to be the day. about 3 oclock the wind started blowing so hard that the trees were leaning over so we decided to wait until saturday.

we ran dogs at the club on saturday and chris was getting sick, every drive he was getting sick and going to sleep in a truck so after the second one i sent him to bed but when we came in from the last drive he was up and said he felt great. we cleaned the deer from the drives and headed over to the other property.

we sat for about 30 mins and chris got sick 2 more times, he didnt want to get down so i told him to lean back and rest and i would wake him if something walked out. about an 45 mins before dark i woke him up and told him he should hunt with me and be ready the last few mins of daylight. about 20 mins later a Very small deer stepped out and he said Dad what is that. it was about 120 yards away and he had never seen a small deer before. i told him to look for buttons but wait to shoot in case something else came out. the stand had mesh around the frame with shooting holes so i slipped the barrel out through the hole and he got ready when another deer walked out so i said forget that deer check the head on this one, before we knew it we had 6 or 7 deer all does and yearlings feeding in front of us.i told him to pick the biggest one and take his time to shoot.he did everything right but when he shot the deer just stood there. in his excitement he didnt think to work the bolt or he could have gotten another shot.

i didnt think he had hit the deer but felt we had an obligation to check and i wanted to teach him that young so we went to look but my light died half way to the foodplot so i told him to go get the landowner and i would check to see if the deer fell along the edge of the woods.apparentlly adrenaline cures all illnessses because he took off running and was still running when he got to the landowner.we searched for blood and didnt find anything. for a final push mainly for the boys sake we got a trailing dog but didnt get on anything.

i was afrid i wouldnt be with him for his first shot at a deer and i was fortunate to be there and that evening is a hunt i will not soon forget.
Glad you was there Tim. Nothing like it. Just wish he had taken it home with him.

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