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3 days................

turns out oscar might only have this weekend to hunt montana so it might not happen at all for me this year i still have to call and confirm again. This happened last night sometime and this would be the only time i could get out either so if oscar goes to montana i geuss i am just shit out of luck then right,
AHHH crap the presures on... How come you can only hunt 2 days out ofthe year ?!?! You need to be flexable man ;)

What Take Friday off school and come up for the day. We'll hunt Friday and PAck out Satthen I'll head to montana Sat afternoon.. It's just a silly 8hr drive...
Watch it bro. His folks see that you are encouraging him to be a truant, they might not be too happy with you.
Man Moosie, that is some hunt schedule you have just so you can help little you. What a guy
LOOKS like I'm not helping little me this wekend. I'm running to Montana. hopefully he can swing up for a day or two before closing day.

SUCK's when you're trying to mesh everything out sometimes, BUT, I'm guessing it won't be to many more years till Mini Me is out of school and making his "OWN" time.

HELL, some people don't even hunt elk at that age
Good luck Moosie!!
Hope you pull one of the big spikes out of this country on this trip!!! :D
well since i allready have to apeal to get credit in my classes anyway i mine as well miss some more right, I will be hunting monday night and tuesday then leaving wednsday but with luck i will get one of those oversized deer.

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