2018 AK Moose Hunt


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Aug 9, 2016
Gilbert, AZ
Well, now that we are knocking on door of hunting season, figure I aught to put this out there.

Had the fortune of going on a trip up to AK for a moose hunt last September. A buddy of mine from high school has been hounding me for years to come up. Finally got the green light from the wife to make it happen as my 40th birthday present. Had an amazing trip, weather was a bit warm so the rutting activity wasn't crazy. But, it was enough to make it happen. The link below is a little video I put together of the trip. If you haven't ever experienced an Argo in a mud bog, you are missing out! Those things are amazing.
Unfortunately didn't get the real action on video, not sure why, my phone was in my pocket and had more than enough time to get it all on video. Guess we just got wrapped up in the moment.
My buddy has been hunting this area with his family off and on for the better part of 30 years. They have tree stands placed in multiple different locations, so it was game of bouncing around from stand to stand calling for bulls. Had some real good action the first day, both morning and evening. Morning encounter was clearly sub-legal, as you can see in the video, and the evening encounter we think was legal, but the light was bad enough we couldn't be sure.
The 4th day, things changed! As we were getting to the base of the tree we were going to hunt from that morning, we let out a few cow calls and were greeted instantly with the low grunt of a bull. We hustled up the tree and got settled just in time for this guy to walk out. He walked out, stood perfectly broadside and got whacked by a 250gr Accubond. Quick follow up and he was down! This was a bucket list hunt and lived up to every bit of the anticipation! Hope you enjoy the video, please go easy on me:)



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Feb 2, 2017
That looks dang fun. I wish your friends were my friends.