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2003 Season (Pics)


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Dec 4, 2003
Hey boys, it's been a while. I changed my name from MtnBoy, hopin' it would change the size of animals I shot, but no such luck...(although I almost shot a trophy INBRED - A 5x5 TOOTHER...)

Most of my friends had a good year this year but it was a STRANGE year for me - all I shot with my rifle was a 'yote that had messed up my hunt for whitetails. My partner shot a decent 4x4 muley and my father-in-law shot a 173 Alberta Muley, while I got SKUNKED in rifle season (passing on my partners buck & a couple other 4x4's) holding out for a sneaky hawg that I'd video'd in early bow season. I also missed the only big 6x6 elk that I saw all season and nearly broke my ankle running from my partner after I missed the shot.

I hunted hard for spring bear and finally connected on a bruin that just shrunk out of P&Y. He gave me a new respect for bruins (stain in my shorts) when he turned Tasmanian trying to bite the arrow out.

Then, my early bow season turned into something out of Deliverance with the forest closure and all of the fires in the province. I got into a mess with some hostile inbreds aggravated by all of the strangers and fires in their area. Luckily noone got shot or had to "Squeal like a PIG!"

My last day out for muleys (my home unit season over) I stopped in the Okanogan for their late bow season on a trip back from the coast, slept in my truck and climbed 1.5 hours in the dark to stick a little meat buck in my favourite canyon. It was a good ending to a strange season...

Here's a few pics:
Meat Buck...

Shot him on the top of the ridge and rode the meat toboggan down the chute to here (looks like your elk hole)...

The Tazmanian...

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Nov 28, 2001
That looks like the area in Jackson that we dragged the last elk out of...Congrats and way to go!!!