2002 ALASKA Unguided Caribou Hunt - $1,000 Each - Parties of 4+

Bill Hefner

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Dec 17, 2000
St. Petersburg, FL USA
If you guys are still interested in a great caribou hunt in Alaska, here's a chance to go for $1,000 each PLUS your license, tags, meat haul, & air fare.


You’ve heard the saying: “You’ve got to give in order to get?”

Well, it’s never been truer at Tony Lee’s Westwind Guide Service than right now.

For a very limited time and for parties of 4 hunters or more, you can book a 6-day, unguided, outfitted, drop camp caribou hunt for ONLY $1,000 per person with a $200 deposit. Dates for these hunts are: Aug. 22-27; Aug. 24-29; Aug. 25-30; Aug. 26-31; Sept. 1-6; Sept. 10-15; and Sept. 12-17. These hunts, normally $1,500, are fully outfitted and include the following:

2-3 Man Tent
Propane Lantern
Paper Towels
Propane Stove & Fuel
Garbage Bags
Ziploc Bags
Cooking Utensils
Toilet Paper
Water Jug
Paper Plates & Bowls
Cups & Silverware
Blue Tarps
Cord & Rope
Small Saws
Camp Axe

Plus the food which includes:

Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate
Creamer & Sugar
Sandwich Meats
Cookies & Candy Bars
Canned Ham
Bread & Crackers
Mustard & Mayonnaise
Summer Sausage
Freeze Dried Food
Instant Oatmeal

To fill his fall bookings for several unguided caribou hunts, Tony’s willing “to give in order to get”. Here’s why: His spring bear season starts April 1st and runs thru May 15th where he’s flying and guiding for 6 weeks straight.

For the next 2 weeks he puts together a grocery & camp equipment list for 65+ people for a 7-week period and oversees the logistics of shipping everything to his remote main camp. At the same time he’s answering inquiries, returning phone calls, mailing contracts and packets of information for his hunters which includes license, tags and other required forms from Dept. of Fish & Game.

From early June thru late July he’s flying clients into a remote fishing lodge for daily fly-out trips for an outfitter buddy of his.

Come the first part of August he’s off to his own main camp to meet his clients who are booked thru late September.

After fall hunting season he closes camp for the winter and heads home.

October and November is spent chasing down clients for photos for his newsletter and website.

During the winter he has the necessary maintenance performed on his airplane. Then, before he knows it, it’s spring bear season again. And the cycle starts all over.

That’s why the sooner he can fill up his fall hunt dates the less he has to worry about. So, he’s willing “to give in order to get” for these last several un-booked hunts. This means you and your hunting buddies can really get a bargain for this fall……IF YOU ACT NOW!

If you’re serious contact him at or call him at (907) 373-2047. But remember, ffrom April 1-May 15 he's at his spring bear camp. I have a number to reach him if you're eserious, so let me know, OK?

Bill Hefner
(Tony Lee’s marketing guy)
St. Petersburg, FL
E-Mail: [email protected]

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