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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Training starts next Sunday. I dont know if I hope it starts like last year or not. Opening day last year we struck and treed in the first 2 hours. Let the bear out to rerun and never treed him again!!! Picked up dogs for the next 5 hrs. I then went on to not tree a bear for the next 4 trips to the woods. I wasnt too happy. things then started falling into place and we had a decent training and a good kill season. I think it just started too easy.
To you guys that live in thick bear country this may sound funny but usually the hardest thing about treeing a bear out here is just finding one. We get a run most of the times but not always. many days guys around here ride around all day trying to get a bear started. It is easier in a couple weeks when we can run in Maine. We can run off baits there.That can help a lot.
There were a total of 37 bears killed by use of hounds in N.H. last year.
My brother David was guiding some hikers last friday.They had 2 dogs with them a Golden and a rescued Grayhound.All at ones they started barking and whent about 50 yd's and treed a pair of this years cubs.The sow sat back about 40 yd's woofing and poping her teeth. they called the dogs back leashed them and walked off un harmed.Lucky ha??
Don't know if I can hold out till August the bears are averywere,One got my nabers bird feeders the other night.Another one roled my bait berreles around last week trying to get at my donuts.
PS tim Nolan is sending you a check this week
that sounds about right Tobey. I tell everyone how hard it is to find bears here and you tell them how city slickers with golden retrievers and and greyhounds are treeing them 2 at a time.LOL
I guess Bill Rodneys kid kept all his dogs,5 of them. All young dogs he says. If you have to get down this way in the next couple weeks let me know. I will take a day off and run in N.H. if you want to go.
PS Thanks , I can use it but I certainly am not worried about it. Plus i know where you live.... I think ROLF
I know how ya feel about not having the bear population as good as others..I have spent lots of days without a strike. That Tobey and FK live in good bear country :D :D Sure wish ya luck on your training season.....let us know how the new dogs do ok?
Catman, It must be nice to live in heavy bear country,huh? My buddy from Washington State tells me that he always keeps some young dogs in the truck if they are running a bear. He said they always see one or 2 strays while they are following the pack in the truck and he turns the young dogs on them. It must be nice !!! I havent seen a stray bear in 3 years here. Sounds like you had fun with Kevin. I talked to him on the phone a little while ago.I wish I lived closer to him.He really sounds like he knows what he is doing.I can imagine what my phone bill will be from that call.
George, you mean Allen, not Kevin......lol, Catman I am gato here not FK, thats another site.....LOL :D :D
George ,
Yea it was fun with "GATOMAN" <------ Better?
I seen alot of bear and some new country, gonna talk him into coming back down for some bobcat fun this fall.....wish you and Tobey were closer....good luck again
No problem George, lol its easy to remember your name :D :D :D You better book ya a reddog out there in Utah before they go fast.......LMAO 4 weeks old and pullin hair already......LMAO , just think they should grow up to strike them 3 day old bear tracks that are 5 miles up the road.....LMAO. :D :D
I seen that Hair pullin post Gatto LOL
That bear that got my nabors bird feeders last week Got a ride out of town yesterday.Kertasy of the Fish and Game In a big colvet trapp.He is about a 350# er Hope he finds his way back to one of my baits in a few weeks.
George Sally the Bluetick from Idaho had a lesson with Porky pines last night.She was real good about letting me pull them out though.She just cryed some and stood there and let me pull.
Yea Tobey tell us if ya got some action last nite with the dogs or other wise :D :D :D I'm kinda afraid of getting them hair pullers from "The Wolf Pack" ROFLMAO What if I struck on a five day old bear track....dang would take my dogs 30 hrs. to catch him.....lol
Catman and George
I have been getting action almost every night.Almost got some Monday almost got some Tuesday almost got some wednesday.Came real close thursday.Mite get luckey tonight :D .
O you mean with the Dogs :D :D No she got loos the night she got into the porky and came home on her own.Soon I hope to be telling some hunting storyes.
OOOOPS,forget to mention on the other thread that so far they livetrapped or sedated 5 bears outa residential millinocket this summer.Think thats where I'll be,least ways you can beep your dogs from mickey dees.You gettin real close now aintcha George!!!!!Hope ya have a good day.
Tobey,you sure got some sense of humor!!!Where do you come up with these things anyway??? I am going out first thing Sunday morning. I will let you know how I do. Why did they live trap that bear so fast up your way?
We killed one 2 years ago that was tagged. It had been trapped and moved twice in 2 years. They trapped it on July 4 and moved it about 100 miles before releasing it.We killed it in Sept that same year, 5 miles from where they had trapped it. The biologist told me they would have killed it if it had showed up in town again.I guess we saved them the bother and a hunter got a hell of a trophy too.
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