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    Arizona late dove hunt

    Is anyone going out this weekend. I plan on taking two of my grandsons out. It looks like I will have to find another new spot this year. They just keep building new homes in all my good spots. Three years ago I could hunt 5 min. from my house. Now I have to drive at least an hour. Maybe even...
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    back fron his first hunt

    Well we made it back from my grandsons first hunt. We saw a lot of deer but none he felt were within his limited range. It was raining when we got to the camp site. But within 30 min. it had stoped. It did'nt rain the rest of the weekend. But it was a little cold for us desart dwelers. On the...
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    My grandsons first deer hunt

    He is 14 and never hunted anything other dove. So this should be a adventure for him. We are leaving tomarrow morning for the Kaibab. When I got to his house to pick him up today at 3:00 he was outside on the front porch with all his stuff ready to go. I sure hope we have good weather (no rain)...
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    110 gr 30-06

    have any of you guys ever used the 110 gr.30-06 round? I have heard good and bad about it. I would like to use it for that longer shot. But I have heard that it is not very stable down range.
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    rod building supplys

    Can any of you guys tell me were I can find a selection of rod building supplys. I used to build rods for may familey and frinds when I lived in San Daigo. But after moving to the Phoinex area all the places I have tried have a very limited slection. I would realy like to start building rods so...