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    Drone vs airplane

    It surprises me the comments on here about them being illegal during season but legal outside of season. Personally i feel that if we as hunters and conservationists believe in fair chase. We should also be able to agree that the potential to harass the same wildlife no matter what the season...
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    Remi warren new article in western hunter

    I know he’s first lite but is he still with Meateater? Not listed on there website and no longer host of a podcast for them. Not positive but sounded like on his own with first lite brand.
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    Remi warren new article in western hunter Hopefully that link...
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    Water in high country

    I tell you what ol' Jed Clampit found a sheen on water when he was hunting and it was bubblin crude may not want to advertise that spot.....:giggle:
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    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    I personally like that fact that it open's up a new narrative to think and have conversations about. Its one of the benefits of platforms/books/information like this, at least when the discussion is thought provoking and not bashing someone for what they think. A lot can be learned from an...
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    Thoughts on using a military surplus ruck sack as a first pack until I can save up for a high quality/value pack for Western Big Game hunting?

    My first pack was a special forces pack made by arc tyrx. That pack was great just a little heavy but can pack some serious weight. I still use it as my rucking pack for training.
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    Shoulders Suck

    I would agree they suck. Been dealing with one of mine for damn near a year and still don’t have full range motion. Worst part I have no clue what I did to it. Just started hurting and prolonged long enough I finally tried to get fixed. Doctor visit and couple months PT and $1400 later and...
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    Hunt Elk in the rain?

    Come hunt the west coast you would be asking the opposite question. I killed an elk a couple years ago in rain so wet my underwear were soaked under rain gear after hunting all day in it, during the last hour. That bull didn’t care about it. I mean rain sucks you should stay in your truck...
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    A New Morning Show

    I liked the format and idea. So far I was aware of the topics covered but I try and stay pretty informed. I feel like for the audience as a whole is a great idea. I think you could really expand the idea and cover a lot of topics with a diverse group of people with educated backgrounds and...
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    Taste Test - Peak Refuel Biscuits and Gravy

    You do know just because its a backpack meal, you don't have to prepare it with the backpack stove when at home.
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    Anyone have experience with prime bows?

    Last time i bought a bow, after shooting several bows and brands i had it narrowed down to prime or bowtech. I ended up finding a good deal on a bowtech boss first and went with it. I really like the bow but not to impressed with costumer service. I really liked how the prime shot. At least...
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    Wdfw commissioner Thorburn steps up for commission

    Below is a link to an opt Ed in the spokesman review written by commissioner Kim Thorburn. It hits the mail on the head of not only what is going wrong with the wdfw commission but a common issue in many western states to a common degree...
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    Dad Joke thread

    Did you know diarrhea is genetic? Yep it runs in your jeans.
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    14 Alaska Fisheries Declared Disasters

    I thought they should have closed halibut in Washington 20+ yrs ago for a few season to let them come back then re institute a better management strategy. I can only imagine we would be far better off if they had.
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    I've found several great uses for ground venison.

    I actually dont prefer to use my venison burger if it going to get masked by a lot of other stuff. We as a family use it all the time, im sure the winner hands down is for burgers but anything else goes as well. I prefer pork fat but have found that pork fat starts to turn faster in the...
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