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    Heater for enclosed trailer

    Dickinson propane heater...had one in a boat and it's very cozy. Direct vented, one penetration through the wall or ceiling, single stovepipe has two sections...center is flue and annulus draws in combustion air.
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    Why my pack sucks: Kifaru, Stone Glacier, Exo, Seek, Mystery Ranch, Kuiu, etc.

    Dana Terraframe since 1999: upgraded with an arcflex belt, which required shortening the magic wands by 1". Bought new for $99 when Dana was discontinuing them. Very happy under a bone-in moose hindquarter. Dana Alpine (arcflex internal) since about 2008: sweatier pack than the terraframe...
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    Alaska for the paranoid

    Scaredest I've been in a bushplane was in a turbo 207, flying out of the middle fork ID to McCall. The clearing in the clouds closed like a clap of doom, and there was zero visibility. Pilot maintained heading, but firewalled the throttle and increased climb rate to get up over it. We broke...
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    Ram 2500 - 5.7L Hemi vs 6.4L

    What is the axle gearing? I'd rather have 4:10s and the 5.7 than 3.73s and the 6.4. It's a fools errand to get freeway gearing on a gas powered HD pickup.
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    How Heavy is Your 13 day Sheep Pack

    I did 14 days in the Wrangells in September 2011. We had food and fuel for 16. I remember two good-sized food bags, the volume of which about matched the meat loadout of a sheep. We were probably at or around 70 lbs each, with 2 rifles and a shared spotter. The year prior I did 10 in the...
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    Why Leave Alaska

    The weather seemed like it had a lot of inertia. A cold summer stayed cold and gray, all summer. We had one with just 3 days of daytime highs over 70. Partly and mostly cloudy had a far different interpretation than same in western WA. We kept lumber outside under the porch - down here it's...
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    Why Leave Alaska

    Lived in Anchorage for 5.5 years. Arrived with no kids and left with three...that's what chased us back to be near family. We left a lot un-done up there, but we did our share. Most activities would have been a LOT more fun had the kids been a little older, but the memories are good...
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    Enclosed Trailer Conversion

    Had the P12000 in a 26' hewescraft Alaskan boat, with the short cabin. VERY cozy in a very drafty cabin. Direct vented so no CO concerns, and burns about forever when lined up to a big tank. If building one of these trailers, I'd design the trailer interior around using one...
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    Long Drive with High Mileage Truck

    I had just done the 415k oil change on my '99 F350 before racking up 3500 hunting miles this fall. I'd take that truck anywhere. My eyes sometimes wander to other trucks, but this one checks all of the boxes: pre-emissions diesel, seats six, 4x4, long box, standard trans, not scared to get...
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    119th Brawl Of The Wild

    I ran out of that tunnel to the sound of "Welcome to the Jungle" blaring and a full house bouncing up and down in November 1998. Lost by two scores in a pig sty; that was before the turf. It warmed my heart to watch the griz get kicked in the mouth over and over again last Saturday.
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    Total rookie: how to help him?

    Others have been there longer and shot way more than I did in my 5.5 years there. But, my thoughts are as follows. Affordable Alaska big game hunting mandatory items: road-trip vehicle with e-rated LT tires, a solid backpack and willingness to use it, solid hiking/mountain type boots...
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    Alaska moose - OYOA style

    My first AK moose (as a WA resident) cost me tag/license fees, a bigger bone saw, fuel to/from hunt site (from Anchorage) and some extra game bags. Work paid me to bring up my pickup for the summer/fall, and I borrowed Dad's canoe for that timeframe. That bull dried out to 69" wide - he was...
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    Alaskan Fishin' Trip...suggestions

    Mid June, overnight trip, Crackerjack, Seward. Big halibut, and potentially a lot of kings.
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    Rifle/caliber recomendation for Kodiak bear

    I don't post here, but I have a potentially suitable rifle advertised on other sites. It's a remington model 7 KS in 350 Remington Magnum. If you don't know, the KS denotes "kevlar special" (I think...). It came from the factory with a coating of sorts on all exposed barrel and action...

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