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  1. Topgun 30-06

    suggestions for first trip?

    You have 3 full months before the application period closes om 5/31. Take your time to figure things out and you'll be surprised at how many units are available for buck tags and even a lot more for doe tags.
  2. Topgun 30-06

    Helicopter BLM access

    BigFin himself has done it more than once. There are some restrictions that apply to choppers and fixed wing access, but it's doable in a lot of areas if you can find the right company that can legally do it and you have the money to do it.
  3. Topgun 30-06

    Special draw

    JM77 is on the button with his response to the post by antelopedundee about the wrong Draw being quoted, along with the follow up comment in that same post. When looking at chances to draw the first choice tag You don't even look at the Random Draw until you check the PP Draw results that are...
  4. Topgun 30-06

    Forum Upgrade Coming

    It went smoothly on my end and all I had to do was plug in my username and password and I was back in business!
  5. Topgun 30-06

    Unit 23 draw question

    The 23-2 is a lock as a leftover without even entering the draws and it also saves having to pay the draw application fees. If you look at the way Wyoming runs the draws, you would know that there is always a chance you could draw the first choice tag in the Random Draw that you also go into...
  6. Topgun 30-06

    Unit 23 draw question

    Don't even mess with the draw for 23-2. Just buy it as a leftover later in the summer along with another PP between 7/1 and 10/31 so you'll have 3 PPs for 2020.
  7. Topgun 30-06

    Wy unit 40-9

    You said you have the entire month allotted to get it done, if needed, and that will probably be the determining factor since the more time you spend in a unit the better you up your odds. Good luck and we'll be looking for a nice write up and photos when you get back.
  8. Topgun 30-06

    Logistics of harvesting in New Mexico CWD Units

    No! Normally most states will not allow the intact neck or uncleaned skull the way their rules are written and it doesn't matter where in the state it was taken since they just have the rule with a list of the states it applies to and not specific units. Just bone the entire critter out and...
  9. Topgun 30-06

    Logistics of harvesting in New Mexico CWD Units

    Those NM requirements are very similar to just about every state that has rules on CWD, other than the 1 part bleach to 2 parts water immersion line. That is rather strange IMHO because they don't even mention a minimum immersion time length. Most people clean the skull out at camp and many...
  10. Topgun 30-06

    Win a Hunt with your Hero

    Anyone notice the blurb under the picture of Peayday that says he played a major role in the Congressional delisting of wolves in 2011? That is quite the understatement!
  11. Topgun 30-06

    Nm gmu 2b

    I've been on two five day rifle mule deer hunts a buddy has drawn in 2b in the last ten years. There are wells and compressor areas all over the unit, but the animals seem to disregard the noise. On those two hunts we were on the west side near the reservation the first time and well to the...
  12. Topgun 30-06

    New WyGF Director

  13. Topgun 30-06

    Good News From DC

    WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday approved a major public lands bill that revives a popular conservation program, adds 1.3 million acres of new wilderness, expands several national parks and creates four new national monuments. The measure, the largest public lands bill considered by Congress...
  14. Topgun 30-06

    Scouting services in crosshairs

    Amen Man! Just got word from jm77 that the Bill passed the third reading today on the floor 25-4, so it looks like a done deal.
  15. Topgun 30-06

    Gordon Buck

    Is that All you've got?

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