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    Officially a pit bull hater

    Well done Fin!!! The world is a better place because of people like you...who don't stand around as "cheerleaders" when the crap hits the fan! Too bad you couldn't have killed all three of the time it could be someones child! I am enraged and at the same time thankful that there...
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    RMEF Board

    There really needs to be a "Like" button on these threads! Congrats!
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    Workin dogs--lets see em

    Great pic...but you'd better check that "woodpile"! LOL
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    New Rifle for Fall

    But then again, you don't live in Montana!
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    To All The New Elk Hunters.......

    Elk hunting "newbs" need to learn throught the school of hard knocks! Good luck to each of them though.
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    A Big Win for Sportsman!

    Specially made for Yuppies!
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    Montana bonus points history

    12 for sheep 9 for elk 1 for moose...building back up :) 0 for mountain goat...have to wait one more year to start building points again :)
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    Drew a moose tag

    First post...? Good luck! Enter "Cushman"!
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    If you could start over...

    I agree 100%! And as far as women go, as long as you have a full set of teeth, you'll find a good one up there (and she'll probably hunt your flatland @$$ into the ground!).
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    A Big Win for Sportsman!

    He did choose to elk hunt instead of killing a mountain goat! Just saying!
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    A Big Win for Sportsman!

    It's been quite a few years since I was on that road. I was out there a few weeks back while slaying coyotes and got to that point and could not cross. I was pi$$ed of to say the least (I didn't know this was all going on). The fact that the lock didn't get blown off still surprises me. I...
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    Big Ones (photos)

    There are some great animals in this thread!
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    Fur barn

    Old photo.
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    Interstate access

    I was going to point that section out as well. And, it gets patrolled by the MTHP all the time with no tickets being issued.
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    Montana SB 151

    I know Einstein, I was telling the NR. It can still be decent if a person busts their @$$ though, no reason for a NR to not apply and give it a shot.