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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    We can chalk up the 2020 Spring Turkey season up as a win for the gobblers. I managed to get out three days to end my season, and while I saw a lot of turkeys, I never had much of an opportunity to bring one home. Friday I got out and set up in a nice little spot just across a newly planted...
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    Logo stickers

    My NASCAR racing jumpsuit.
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    Any early word on Ontario fishing?

    I have my first Canada trip scheduled for September. But I need to get my passport... I guess we'll see how it all works out later this summer.
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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    I had 4 hard days of turkey hunting that resulted in zero turkeys and very few actual birds sighted/gobbles heard. I had a honey hole where I have had a great deal of turkey activity in the east. Last year I only got there one day and it was very windy and I heard no gobbles. I chalked that up...
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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    I'm sorry you got the short end of that stick, but honestly I'm not surprised. hopefully that means next year there will be loads of turkeys on those public sites.
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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    The governor has just announced that state parks will be opening in a limited fashion as of May 1. So if you have a 4th or 5th season tag, you might want to check again and see if you will be able to use that public land tag.
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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    Well my two days of hunting over the weekend didn't turn into any birds in there freezer, but it was so nice to get out of the house for a couple of mornings. Saturday I heard a lot of turkeys at sun up but I believe they all followed the hens off to the west and I v=never saw them come back...
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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    Hope you pull that tag. Looked like a good hunt last year.
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    My first solo turkey story

    Thanks for sharing that story. I managed to call three coyotes in on a string with some hen clucks last fall. They popped out of the underbrush about 15 yards to my right. Scared the living daylights out of me. If they had been on my left I would have tried to put one on the ground. Anyway...
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    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    Well things have been quiet for me in terms of hunting. But now I am finally going to get back out there. I have three turkey tags and the first tag is valid starting today. I couldn't go out because I had to work, but I just found out that I have been furloughed for the next 10 weeks starting...
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    Smoker reviews (for the meat sweats)

    I bought a masterbuilt 30" electric/digital smoker. It was not terribly expensive, around $200 I think. I didn't opt for wifi or any of that stuff. I have a probe thermometer that I can use and not have to open the door. You can refill the chips from a side hatch. I've been very happy with it...
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    Family Man's 2020 Season Log

    Good luck finding those birds. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
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    greetings from the land of the "spotted cow"

    Welcome to Hunt Talk. I grew up just south of New Glarus near Monroe WI. Pretty country.
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    My first buck Euro mount complete, finally

    I probably should have done this in the original post. I told the story in my 2018 fall hunt log. Long story short That link should take you to my success post. Long story long That link should take you to the story of that specific day when I got my first buck
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    Let’s See Your Favorite Mount

    That's an awesome story. Thanks for the shoutout.