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    What are you currently reading?

    Just finished the audiobook version of Wild Ones by Jon Mooallem. Heard about this book on a Meateater podcast. Highly recommend. Great insight on the people and the history behind the Endangered Species Act. As someone who is working in the field on an endangered species project, I found it...
  2. The_Hunter_Dave

    Arizona Elk Scouting

    @Danson In The Desert I just moved to Alpine about a month ago. Elk everywhere.... Crazy enough, we are already seeing antler growth on our trail cameras. I have been spending an egregious amount of time in Unit 1. Not sure exactly where you are going to be spending your time, but the really...
  3. The_Hunter_Dave

    2021 shed thread

    Shed season has been incredibly frustrating! Day one, parked the truck and walked no more than 200 yds and stumbled across this elk shed. Every day since, nothing. So many miles hiked in great country. Country so nice that one of the fellas I met up with hiked in the area the day prior and...
  4. The_Hunter_Dave

    Utah Muzzy Muleys! South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal

    Hey all! I know this was a couple years ago, but it came back to my mind since I applied for it again! With that being said, it wasn't a glory hunt by any means. But we did have a lot of fun and learned a lot of great lessons. One of those being that if you think you found an area where deer...
  5. The_Hunter_Dave

    2021 New Mexico results

    Not quite as glorious as an elk tag, but I was able to draw my Mule Deer Archer tag for unit 23! Pretty excited about that! Pretty convenient for a non resident to get a 6 month job with the US Fish and Wildlife service in the same area! Fortunate to be able to scout and work at the same time.
  6. The_Hunter_Dave

    Idaho Pioneer Bull Elk OTC

    Well since New Mexico didn't pan out, a buddy and I are looking at chasing bull elk in Idaho now. We both live in Northern Utah and are really eyeing the Pioneer unit for OTC Archery. I got tipped off by a buddy for this unit, and based on the research I have done, it looks like the hunting...
  7. The_Hunter_Dave

    Utah Muzzy Muleys! South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal

    This is my 5th year hunting muleys. I harvested 2 in a row my first two years. Dumb luck the first time and the second time I just sat where someone told me to. Lol. But last year I went into new country and hiked a lot. Didn't see any bucks but a few does.
  8. The_Hunter_Dave

    Hello from Northern Utah

    I am a relatively new hunter. I was introduced to hunting about 5 years ago and immediately fell in love. As a lifelong fisherman, I have always been passionate about the outdoors and public lands. I have recently joined BHA and have been a part of RMEF for the past 2 years. I want to make a...
  9. The_Hunter_Dave

    Utah Muzzy Muleys! South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal

    I know with Utah results coming out, every yuppie with a computer (myself included) are asking about units. But I have not heard any chatter about the South Slope Vernal unit for the Muzzleloader deer hunt. I did a bunch of digging into the unit on goHUNT prior to applying and the stats look...

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