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    How did you meet?

    My best friend from college, but he moved to Cali. We duck hunted together in college. A few years back I was telling him about how I was planning on getting into big game hunting out west not thinking he would go with me (he's a workaholic). He immediately asked if he could join me, and now we...
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    Scored a new Browning

    Very jealous. Congrats! I might have to do some snooping around some of the smaller gun shops in my area.
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    New to Hunt Talk

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    Fitness/training question

    I try to rest 3-4 days before a hunt or race, so I'm fully recovered and rested. I've noticed a difference in my races if I only take a day or two off. I really try to shoot for 4 good days of rest prior.
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    Cabelas/Bass Pro & Sitka?

    Yeah, I hardly ever go to Bass Pro, but they are close by and have a good Santa for my son to visit (photo op). If I go to either it's to Cabelas a little farther down the road in the opposite direction, but even that is scarce these days. I was just telling my wife that Bass Pro is for "Bubba...
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    Cabelas/Bass Pro & Sitka?

    I've noticed that I can't find any Sitka gear in my closest Bass Pro (I haven't been by my closest Cabelas in a while), and they have limited sizes and items available online. Anyone know if they are phasing out Sitka gear? I've notice they have stopped carrying other brands since the buyout...
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    Favorite Pants?

    When I'm not hunting out west I wear Carhart double front pants in the fall/winter and old khaki dress pants for dove hunting when I'm hunting here in TX. I don't have to worry too much about mesquite trees or briar patches with the Carharts, and the khaki pants don't get too hot when it's 90F+...
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    Chest cold Remedies

    Vick's rub, EmergenC, and Mucinex...and maybe a few shots of fireball
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    4 years still waiting on my buck. How long is too long?

    Yup, way more than a reasonable amount of about 2 years. I hope you can get your deer back. (Not to alarm you, but I've heard a lot of horror stories that start this way.)
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    Where to invest: tent or bag?

    Plus 1 for the Kelty Salida 2. I've had it for 4-5 years, packed it in plenty of miles, and rode out some rough storms in it. Great tent, especially for the money. I will say I'm 6'4" as well, and do have to sleep catty corner in it though.
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    Texas here...

    Welcome from the Austin area!
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    Rugged Smart Phones

    I appreciate the input! I currently have an S7 active that the screen is going out on. It hasn't been bad, but the Samsungs come with so much bloatware. That's one of the reasons I'm looking to see what else is out there. Both of the phones mentioned run about $300 brand new which I don't think...
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    Rugged Smart Phones

    Hey everyone, I am looking at getting a new smart phone, and I've been doing some research on "rugged" smart phones that have a level of water resistance/proofing, sealed from dust and some extra shock absorption. Right now I'm looking into a BV9500 Plus and a Doogee S90 Pro. Does anyone have...
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    Stalking Reds on the Texas Coast

    I just wanted to bump this post because this trip is NEXT MONTH! Right now we have about 20 folks going. It should be a great time getting after some reds with BHA! So if you are interested in joining us please shoot me an email at I plan on emailing the group late next...
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    Leaving camp in co backcountry?

    I always leave my camp set up, but usually don't leave anything super valuable. The only people back where I'm camping are hunters who know it's hunting season. I kind of figure you'd have to be an idiot to try to steal from someone who was more than likely armed and could probably shoot you at...