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    Moosies Sheep hunt, Pics and Vid

    Who is that rawboned, chiseled skinny guy holding the ram? ;) Havent been here in a while, and then I see this! Awesome story, hunt and ram! Real happy for you Oscar, you definately earned it! Felt like I was right there with ya, except for the rubber legged, light headed, out of breath...
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    Anyone been out for lopers in the last couple of days?

    How long does the rut last usually?
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    The "ranchers are good stewards" myth!

    Ithaca~ Thanks for not being afraid to shed a different light on some controversial conservation issues. That book looks like a good read. I have just recently read this and a few other threads in this little corner of this site, and I have noticed a couple of things and have come to a couple...
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    Rare turkey behavior secret revealed!!!

    Thanks guys, Im pretty happy with this birdie. Best one Ive gotten in the last few years I'm glad someone thought it was funny... I thought Moosies place had a sense of humor...
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    Turkey Hunting Ethics

    Nut~ Sorry to hear about all the things that went wrong on your hunt. Hope you guys hang in there, and keep after it! Its just a mattter of time before your luck changes. That is more than a little aggravating to have some dillholes doing that before season, especially folks who should know...
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    Rare turkey behavior secret revealed!!!

    It’s a little known fact that when turkeys get to be a ripe old age, they have a secret morning ritual during the peak of the mating season that involves hanging by their spurs for the purposes of deep meditation and stretching. Its only recently that this phenomenon has made mention into the...
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    Weekend Warrior: The Smart Ass Elk Hunting Buddy

    Awesome! All of those video clips are cool as snot! Hope you get some time to put some more up to see. That one with the prarie dogs is just plain wrong... and I mean that in the best way.
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    Ithaca's turkey 4/26/03

    Ithaca~ That is way cool! Sounds like you have some high falootin connections... Anyone that knows anything about our state agency does, especially in comparison to other states, can appreciate what an outstanding job he has done as the head honcho of our DOC. This is one of the few states...
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    6 days and a wake up

    Someone say Cabelas!?!? Make sure you stop at the one In the one in KC on the way in or out, right next to the new racetrack. It has a killer mule deer museum... as in 90 some Boone and Crockett full body mounts, and the most netting over 300 in any one place. Good luck on your hunt!
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    Ithaca's turkey 4/26/03

    Nice shot Ithaca! It only takes a couple pellets right! Nice to hear the whole story too. Im kind of suprised to hear there are Easterns up there, but I guess they do pretty well in alot of places I wouldnt think they would too. Thats all we got out here in MO. I'm hoping Saturday will be the...
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    Feed jake...

    ... a load of 5 shot! Well, Its been a while since I been in here, so let me just say a blanket congrats to all you guys who have whacked your gobbler(S) this spring. Season has been pretty rough til I did a before work a.m. foray to get this little guy. Got to pick from 6 jakes that came in...
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    Check out these bucks from this fall...

    I didnt shoot the thing (I wish!), just saw the pic and thought you guys might like the link to see it. Yeah, that rack does look too big to be real, and it does make him look like the dog from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", doesent it. The next pic down in the lineup is of a huge non typ...
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    Check out these bucks from this fall...

    Make sure youre sitting down...:eek: Coolest looking gargantuan 5x5 I've ever seen!!!
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    A 9 point whitetail.

    Nice buck and cool pics Tom. Looks like a neat place to chase whitetails.
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    A 9 point whitetail.

    Nice buck and cool pics Tom. Looks like a neat place to chase whitetails.

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