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  • You will love Montana, I would still live there if there had of been work for me. Couldnt seem to find enough work to raise a family back then
    Hey Josh, where you been ? everything going alright ? shoot me a message, I`m up to 76 antlers for the year so far
    Thats some rough country to ride,if you can get to the back of the canyons to the north, you should find some antler back there,,had`nt heard about the host,,no idea, well I am up to 35 so far, hope to get out again this week,TTYL
    Picked up another 21 on friday afternoon, 4 brown elk antlers and the rest older ones
    We camp right along the Colorado Border, and all of the antlers that I picked up were actually in Colorado. We camp in that same spot every Easter, though Easter varies from year to year, when Easter is in late april I will pick up even more then. Its alright though,I will go back in a week or so and pick up some more fresh ones.
    Hello Josh, well I picked up 14 elk antlers over the weekend, only one brown though , the elk are just starting to drop up here, hope you have some great luck in 36, should be very good down there. Let me know how ya do, Steve
    I bought a rack for the bike that mounts behind the seat, makes it alot easiesr to tie the antlers too also. My son and I found 37 elk antlers in one day just the 2 of us and my wife,her sister and I found 54 elk antlers in one day, my personal best day was 44 deer antlers, glad you enjoyed the pictures,send me your e-mail and I will send you some other pictures that I dont have on here, my e-mail is
    Have you looked at my shed antlers album ? It doesnt show it on my profile unless you click on show all albums, I use my bike some because I`m mobility impared now
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