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    Sons First Elk Rifle - Poll

    You hear good and bad about CA. I ended up with a mesa and it shoots .5-.75 out of the box with eldx's. Didn't feel the carbon fiber barrel was worth the upcharge.
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    Managing the ‘plethora of riches’ -Martha Williams on Meateater

    That law background sure seemed to help when answering some of the questions. I never did hear her actually give an answer to any of the questions asked. I know that's Rinella's interviewing style, but it sure seemed like a puff piece with very few tough questions.
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    First Arizona coues deer

    I haven't seen many coues deer, but those look considerably bigger than the ones i have seen... WOW
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    Thanks 444. See you Monday. sold pending payment.
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    24 plus a couple inches for the brake.
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    Another group with factory Federal bonded tip.
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    Come on Luke. You know you need it. Here’s a group with ttsx’s.
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    Price reduction to $750. Somebody needs a 300 short!
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    It tamed it enough that my 120 LB son can run a box of shells thru it at the range with no problem. Not as much as a side port brake, but also not as loud
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    Back on the Market. I did have the barrel threaded and put a brake on the rifle. If you need pic's let me know. Worked up a load using 180 GR TTSX's with 4831SC that shoots very well. Need the gun out of my safe.
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    Breaks hunters be prepared

    Might want to have him check the weather. Supposed to get another 2-3 inches Tuesday thru Thursday.
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    Crispi Nevada Legend 9.5

    Man. My kid would love these. Great books just can’t pay that much when he’s going to outgrow them in a year.
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    2019 WY Antelope Live Hunt

    weird. It's never even crossed my mind to use water for hydration on an antelope hunt :rolleyes:
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    2020 Wrangler Upgrade?? (I think we all need one of these)

    Probably pull it just at good as the little Titan