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    Drought for the west

    Was in NW NM the last few days, lovely rain yesterday and this morning, so nice to be in the desert after a rain. Now back in the San Juan foothills; came home to damp ground, cloudy skies, some success in my first attempt at rain catchment, and thunder in the distance. Here's hoping the...
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    North Yellowstone Flooding

    I'm not a big whitewater guy, but I'm willing to say the second boat's line was just a touch better than the first's...
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    Drought for the west

    Sounding like good monsoonal rain next weekend, at least here in SWCO. According to Durango weather guy, if we got the forecasted amount it would exceed June precipitation averages for just Friday - Monday.
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    2022 Colorado draw results!!!!

    Got the elk email, got my first choice cow tag. 9 days better be enough!
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    Colorado 2022 Draw Results

    Got my elk charge, makes 3/3 this year (on easy draw units).
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    Colorado 2022 Draw Results

    Have my second $42.01 charge - must be my first (doe) pronghorn tag! Buck tag now confirmed on CPW site.
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    Trudeau Puts Freeze On Handguns

    Can we get a citation on that? Sounds just a bit suspect...
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    Drought for the west

    I've checked out a few of the mid-high elevation rivers in the San Juans and they are looking way too fishable. Should be blown out for weeks longer, but they've already dropped substantially and cleared. Terrible spring skiing year, too, as we should be in prime corn harvest but there's barely...
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    New Mexico is going up in flames

    No smoke plume and evac orders lifted on that one. Got a long way to go until the monsoon, though...
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    CO bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and pronghorn raffles

    I tend to be driven crazy by people with verbal tics like that, but didn't even notice it from you, for what it's worth. Perhaps an example of how one tends to be their own harshest critic? Great podcast. And a good reminder for this SW Coloradan to get more involved, appreciate it.
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    Wyoming Corner Crossing Defense Fund

    In WY specifically, yeah? Maybe in all the other states of the west, too, but not CO. You can float, but you cannot touch the private streambed here, even to get around an obstacle. Speaking of stupid rules lacking common sense...
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    Is there a "point creep" solution?

    Specifically, do you mean updating the year used to determine when the res/non res split goes to 80/20 instead of 65/35? If I had been selected, that was going to be my strongest recommendation, in a "well at least we need to..." sorta way.
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    CPW director on leave after complaint of racist comment

    Thanks, and sorry for the implication, definitely missed her (possible) involvement with the decision. Next time I'll remember the first rule of the internet - search Google before posting.
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    CPW director on leave after complaint of racist comment

    ? Thought I'd heard all the first gentleman cracks, but please elaborate, I'm totally lost on this one.
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    Mike Lee introduces legislation to sale and develop public lands No nominee for the Dems, instead backing McMullin. Seems to me this was a necessary but not sufficient step for Lee's defeat.
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