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    Public Lands Pics for Our DOI Chief.....

    A little late to the party but, opening day with my family.
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    2018 AK Black Bear (Amazon Episode)

    Draw season has me getting the itch. I love these annual series.
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    BC Caribou/moose video series

    That country is amazing. Hunting or not.
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    NM Hunt with Uncle Mike!

    Fun series. I think I would still be having nightmares of the one that got away.
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    Hello from Washington

    Wet side. Skagit Co.
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    2019 CO Muzzy Elk

    It’s good to have friends willing to put in the work with you. Very nice bull
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    Hello from Washington

    34 yr old father of 3, wife of 9 years, have been hunting since I was able to shoulder a firearm. I enjoy Muzzleloader, Archery and Modern. Jumping onto hunttalk to learn more about other western states and to glean knowledge from other members.